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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Personal Problem

Doing school online is GREAT! I can do it whenever I want and I can wear PJ's! The downside is what makes it so great is also what makes it very difficult, it's online.

I have 12 hours to finish and turn in my final essay draft and I logged onto my computer about an hour ago to do that. Sure I have the essay opened and I spent about 10 minutes on it before I ended up in cyberspace; checking blogs, checking email, watching a funny/crazy/howtheheckdoeshedothat? youtube video:
pinning flowers that I like, downloading fonts (because I NEED more fonts...ugh), making a YW newsletter, preparing handouts, reading things for my upcoming lesson, and I may have ended up on Zulliy for a short time, and now I'm blogging about nothing- surprising.

UGHH I have no motivation to finish this essay. All I have left to do on it is add my sources, check my formatting, and reword my conclusion paragraph just a little bit. But that little stuff is the hard part for me. I have to stay within a word/page limit but that's impossible, I could literally write 12 pages but I'm supposed to write two pages- I have two and a half pages written. I'm going to leave it as is though. I've already condensed as much as I can.

As long as I manage to stay away from Amazon I'll get it done in the next 15-20 minutes. So I'm shutting down Firefox (after I find my source links of course), and just getting it DONE then turning it in to be done for the week.

After that I have several projects that need doing and a baby shower, and more YW stuff, and maybe a nap....but probably not a nap. I wasn't too productive yesterday, after a friend kicked my butt at the gym I needed to sit and try not to be nauseous, so today will be productive (as I'm blogging at 11:30...nice).

OK I'M GOING stop judging me!!



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