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Monday, February 25, 2013

Did you know?

That the royal couple (erummmm....I can't think of it)....the ones from England OH Kate and something, are going to have a baby? I saw it on the cover of a magazine.

Did you know that the Oscars were on last night? Do you know how much I don't really care? (gasp! I might be persecuted for that one)

Did you know Britney and K-Fed broke up?

Have you heard of the movies, Silver Linings Playbook, or Zero Dark Thirty? I'd never heard of them until last night when the Oscars were on. I was just a poor bystander promise!

Did you know that Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson were dating? Did you know they broke up? Did you know they might be back together? It's complicated.

Did you know that Wolverine was on that Les Miserable movie? Mind Blown. AND Princess Mia from Princess Diaries, AND Karen from Mean Girls were in it.

Elton John has a son?

Did you know that I googled all that stuff? Because apparently I don't have better things to do. (I really do actually, that was a 'funny joke'.)



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