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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Do you say twenty thirteen or two-thousand thirteen? I say the latter in case you were wondering.

This New Years Eve was fun, I went over to hang out with the three H's at their house. It was grand. I'm so tired right now I didn't even realize I was in blogger until I wrote, it was grand. Wow.

We played just dance and watched movies and ate a salt and vinegar chip (yes, one). We threw those weird water vase ball things at the walls too, don't be too jealous.

We also watched the ball drop (at 9pm) and it was the first time they had seen it drop. I've watched it before but never paid really any attention to it. That crowd in NY makes me anxious just watching it from the TV.

Anyways here are two pictures just because, then I'm going to bed. Last night I fell asleep around 3:30-4am, got up around 8:30ish then couldn't fall back to sleep. We went to a yarn sale yeeeehawwww this morning. Because yarn is on my list of 'needs'. Ya right I need yarn like I need a fork in my eye. Stick? Dixie cup? huh.....?

Oh my gosh, it feels like I'm in a dream. In about 6.5 hrs I get to go home and sleep in my bed and I'm very excited, you should be too.

 Around 12:30am Heidi made me into a Mii. It's basically like a photograph right?
Annnnnnd just dancing Hoyt style. The life sized screen is pretty great. I think they were doing Moves like Jagger here. We're not ashamed to admit that we only had 2 controllers so the rest of us weren't dancing for points. It's ok though, because dancing is about movement and expression, not points. What? Nevermind. I'm really ok, just a tad tired.



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