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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Embossing like a boss

For Christmas my dad got me a really cool item that I had pinned and forgot about. It's an embosser that you squeeze to leave an imprint of your customized image or 'logo'. Everyone should have one. I have the site saved somewhere if you want it.

I've been embossing my books which is quite the task due to my plethora of books. I tried really hard to get on the e-reader bandwagon but I just couldn't do it. There is something about hold a real book and flipping real pages that makes me so happy. Hopefully they won't ever stop printing real books that would be a sad day.

Now whenever I lend out a book everyone knows it'a mine--I stopped lending out books when several never made it back to me :(.

So there is a random post about the most random project I own.


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