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Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Week with Christ

I decided that my 'goal' for 2013 is going to be simple and to the point. I want to become more like Christ. I want to live more how He lived and follow His example better. I want to know Him better and be an example to those around me. There are many many areas in life that I struggle with and I think with this 'goal' I will be able to stop focusing on the negative and start focusing on the positive.

I came across Al Fox's blog several months ago and I check it every once in awhile. She is a convert to the church and her story is pretty cool. If you ever get a chance you should go look at her blog/videos. The other night I was being all insomniac like and watching some of her youtube videos when I came across one that I decided I wanted to do for myself. She had a photo of Christ that she carried around with her all day, she didn't put it down no matter where she went. So that was my inspiration for this week.

I started Monday and taped a little pocket sized photo of Christ in several places around my house like, 

my bathroom mirror
my bedroom door

My bathroom door

my TV

my front door

I taped one to my dashboard too this is just the one I was holding
 I also have one on my computer and the background on my phone is Christ with the sheep.

The idea is that the constant reminder will help me remember not to stress the small things and to let go of my 'whatever's ailing me' at the moment.

Walking around Joann's yesterday I carried this photo around.
I think tomorrow is going to be my 'carry it around all day' day but I carried it around here and there this week.
 I also started a project called, Names of Christ. How many 'names' do you think He is referred to as in the scriptures? I was shocked by the number because I had never thought of those words/phrases as names before.
I'll let you guess. I started by making a list of a lot of names, not all. Each day I'm going to study one name. Some names may take several days, others maybe just a few minutes, I don't know. That will be my scripture study for now. Today I started with Advocate. I will continue to work on that one tomorrow too.

So that's my week this week. Seeing how Christ can make a difference in my life with a few little pictures.

Really you should guess how many names, I dare you.

Random photos just because

I started this quilt on Monday evening. I cut some of the fabric squares out, it wasn't my cup of tea but I did it!! Then I ironed/starched each square. Tuesday I'm usually at work in the office but Sam had major knee surgery again so I was home with Shelley. After our quick trip to Joann's to get the solid fabric I did a little more cutting then laid the design out. I couldn't decide if I wanted random or organized. I chose random but it's not random enough ;). Anyways it hasn't taken as long as I thought it would because I already have the rows sewed together, I just need to sew the rows together, add a backing/binding, and quilt it. School started again this week but it was a slow starting week so I'm taking advantage of the free time I have while I have it. 

This is called my night time insomnia project 2013. I've only cross stitched a couple times in the past but for some reason I think I can just figure things out as I go so it's not anywhere in the vicinity of perfect or straight or 'right' because I'm just doing whatever I want to do. This is the 2013 mutual theme for this year, I saw an outline for this so I drew it on to a piece of fabric and started it. I'm almost done at this point it was a fun little random project. I need to get out more geesh.


Andrea said...

I love the idea of putting pictures of Christ around. I have a similar goal this year of being more Christlike this year and already, it's not easy. I find myself messing up, and then my pride gets in the way... it's a challenge but I love it and I love that we are studying the Doctrine and Covenants in Sunday School. There is so much in their on our Savior and I am really eating it up right now.
Thanks for sharing.
Let's see as for names:
Advocate, Alpha and Omega, Lord, Savior, Christ, Jesus, Almighty, Lamb of God...
that's all I got at the moment.
Oh, and Al Fox is great. I always wanted to have the YW make their own video but it never worked out. I thought it would be fun and something they could give to their friends...
Sorry this is so long but you asked about the book I want to write. There are a couple but the first one I want to write a children's picture book about growing a healthy body.


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