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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


One thing that kind of bugs me is when I paint my nails and the polish is goopy!! Hashtagfirstworldproblems.
But seriously I have throw away so many 1/2 full bottles because of that. Well one day I did this trick and it degoopified my nail polish!! Here's how, it's very scientific and complicated so try to keep up. Ill go slowly.
Step 1: remove the nail polish cap
Step 2: grab a bottle of polish removed--any kind will do
Step 3: pour some remover into the bottles cap
Step 4: pour a bit into the polish bottle
Step 5: replace both lids and shake the polish bottle
Step 5: paint your nails and bask in the ungoopyness of it all!!

I've done this to a bottle of nail polish several time and it still is going strong. Now my problem is the brush won't reach far enough down to get it all, but ill take that over goopyness any day!!



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