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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bags or Begs

People make fun of me because of the way I say, Bag. I live near Canada, I'm not Canadian, but I guess people think I have an accent, I don't. Instead of bag I guess it sounds more like beg when I say it, which is the correct way. Just humor me.

Anywho, I've been on a sewing binge lately. I'm obsessed with fabric and usually can't leave a store that sells it without at least looking, if not buying some. So this has led me to a life full of 'stacks' of pretty fabric (I really only have one cube type box full). This last week I decided to 'bust that stash', it's not doing me any good in that box.

Some of that fabric I have sitting around. I'm going to make this stuff into a square quilt. Then if that' successful I'm going to make a triangle quilt. yikes.

To start with, I sewed a couple of fleece blankets to get my feet wet so to speak. Simple, double sided blankets with a simple quick crocheted edge
 funky baby blanket
This is possibly a little more normal baby blanket. I have a big stack of cut up flannel to make about 18 blankets. So if you're having a baby this year chances are you'll get a blanket....:)

For YW we are going to make Sunday tote bags in a couple weeks. This was my practice one to get the directions written out for the girls:

 I'm so excited for this project. It's simple/very cheap/ and customizable to their specific tastes.

Then I decided that I wanted to sew a bag for my friend KneeKole. She hates the plastic bag shopping ban so I made up a funky shopping bag for her to ease the hurt of no more plastic. I found the pattern online. It wasn't really want I wanted so I improvised. Their directions were practically non-existent so I had a bit of trial and error to get it right but I only had to seam rip 2 small parts one time. For having no directions it turned out better than I thought it would. Especially being double sided with the straps done on the same side. That's an adventure!!

 Last night KneeKole came over and I showed her how to make the Sunday totes so we can teach the YW together. After that I stayed downstairs and started another bag similar to the KneeKole bag but a little smaller. It's more of a purse though. I'm almost done just need to sew up the handles and top stitch and it's done.

All my fabric is so funky but I like it like that. It's fun learning how to sew- it's hard not really knowing what I'm doing but I've never been afraid to try a new craft even if it is a total bust. I guess I just don't think about what can go wrong until it does. Very opposite from my 'real regular' life.

Each of my projects has a name of sorts. I usually watch a Netflix movie/show while I sew. The two baby blankets I made are Jericho blankets because I watched the show Jericho while I worked.

KneeKole's bag is named Moulan Rouge. I was charged by one of our YW to watch this movie. I'd never seen it. It's not one that I'd probably watch again but it was ok. I didn't know what to expect. There was one scene that lasted about 2 minutes that I fast forwarded other than that it wasn't as scandalous as I thought it would be considering the setting of the movie. It was just weird is all.

And last night's bag was done in stages so it's a mix between She's the Man and Iron Chef America. I cut it out while watching the movie then sewed it while ICA was on.

That is all. So random but I don't think there is a cure for that.



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