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Monday, December 24, 2012


This month has flown by, I do not approve. Out of all the months, I wish December lasted the longest. Maybe we could shave a few days off each month and add them to December, whaddya think Mayans? So far your calendaring expertise has been helpful perhaps you could assist us with this.

Besides the fact that this month has gone by much to my dismay, I have gotten quite a bit done. I had my final and only got one question wrong (holla back), lots of work, etc.....I'm too ADD to list everything.

Amidst all that stuff I have forgotten to blog about Whoville. That is the theme of our Christmas decor for 2012. I was told I have free reign over decorations and could do whatever my little heart desired.

I started out by going to Michael's and bought some fancy ribbon, I was going to be fancy this year. The ribbon sat and stared at me for a few days and I decided I can't pull off fancy and why pretend to be fancy when we are not? Too much pretense. My next thought was Whoville. I love the Grinch and all things Dr. Seuss plus Hobby Lobby had 50% off their entire Christmas decor sections. I filled that cart like nobodies business. I got some great deals and spent about $60 total on all the decorations to decorate the entire living room. Those bags were filled with glitter for dayzzzzz.

I also decided to make several decorations just to be fun and to save some money. Here are some things I made:
I cut out a bunch of random colored circles and sewed them in looooong sections to make garland, I made a bunch of paper cone trees, I cut out aprox. 50 coffee filter snowflakes, I sanded/painted/glittered an antelope just because I can, and helped make 5 elf stockings.
I also made this silly canvas sign. I cut out the quote onto vinyl using my silhouette. After painting the base green, I punched out all the letters from the vinyl and painted the letters on. Then cut out the tree (which ended up being made in reverse- red was supposed to be on top), and added some fake snow paint to give the tree something to 'stand' on.

 The tree once it was decorated with all the sparkly ornaments and disco balls. Completed with a crooked star. Let's pretend that's on purpose.
 Bad cell phone pics but this is the living room from further back.
This is a random mishmash of decor. Since we've never done this theme I really underestimated how much stuff I'd need to buy to fill this living room so we were lacking a bit of shelf-type decor.

I just like staring at the tree in the dark. I might spend a bit too much time staring at the tree.

I'm really not wanting to blog so here are a few more random pictures of random decor. Perhaps I'll do a better post another time but probably not. It was a fun change from the last several years with the rusty snowman theme (no offense) but we've just done that for SOOOO LONG.

Merry Christmas Eve!! Have a wonderful day!!



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