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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Craft Party RSVP?

I've been thinking it would be fun to have a crafting party. I'm not sure if you are on Pinterest or not, if not, I'll send you an invite :D. Anyways...I was thinking it would be so fun to have a big pinterest craft party!! (Or ANY craft party). I know December is SUPER busy for lots of people but maybe there would be one night open to anyone who wanted to participate.

I was trying to decide how it could happen, I was thinking several different options here they are:

#1- Everyone bring one craft to share. You provide all the supplies for the craft you want everyone to make and everyone will go away with several (depending on # of people) different crafts/gifts. Only cost is supplies for your craft for everyone

#2- Everyone just brings random crafts they want to work on and we all just work on whatever crafts/gifts we want to work on. No pressure to bring lots of supplies for others' projects- No cost

#3- I could come up with several craft/gift ideas and buy all the supplies and each person could sign up for each craft they wanted to make. Each craft would have a price attached to it just for the cost of supplies

Hmmm #3 might be a lot of work for me but if anyone (tap tap anyone even there?!) would be interested in this, let me know. I think it would be really fun.

Here are some screen shots of parts of my pinterest boards:

There are SO many ideas on these boards.

If you (and a friend?) would be interested let me know either with a comment or email!! Also let me know which option # would work best for you. I guess if anyone actually signs up, majority would win in terms of which option we do--although anyone would be invited regardless, just bring your own crafts to work on!!

I'm thinking candy cane punch would be a must as well as cinnamon sugared almonds (or pecans).

I know I don't 'need' anymore sweets but everyone could also bring a favorite holiday treat to share...or not!!

It would take a little planning and we'd need to have an accurate number of guests to make sure everyone has enough supplies/room so let me know soon!! Let's say by December 5th. If there are enough people, we'll do it. Otherwise I'll just drown my 'sorrows' in egg nog and roasted garbanzo beans :). KIDDDDDING!!


The Black's said...

ME! ME! I want to!!

Nicole said...

I like the idea. It would be great to get some of my Christmas projects finished. So, whatever number that was bring your projects.

Kristin said...

I wish I could come do craft night!

Doneva said...

Can old ladies like me come?? Sounds fun!!! YOU are so creative and I miss not seeing YOU!1

Andrea said...

I'm totally in!
I don't have pinterest, yet, but I'm being convinced by multiple sources that I need get on that ball!!
So, I would love to come!! I have been thinking about organizing the same type of thing but you would do a much better job than I would! I would say #3 but maybe just pick one craft that we would all do so that it's not so much work for you. You have good taste so I would totally trust your judgement!!
Or, whatever, I'm up for!!
Also, I was looking through some of your links and I totally saw those roasted garbanzo beans. I have been meaning to try them. Are they amazing or what???


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