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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I'm in a blogging (and let's be honest, life) funk.

It seems every year around this time I get really stressed out and scatterbrained. I've had like 14 photo shoots in the last few weeks so A LOT of my time has been spent editing on the computer.

I also got a 'new' calling at church. Really I've been in the YW for 4+ years but have gone through 3 presidencies but they always keep me :) I'm just lucky I guess. I love being in the YW. Now my official title is YW Specialist. My friend Nicole and I are now in charge of Wednesday activities and extra activities we have for the girls. It still feels pretty much like the same calling though. Just busier because we've had several meetings to get ourselves organized and whatnot.

A lot of my evenings are spent at work now too. Since I started doing sleepover I have lots of evenings where I can't really get stuff done, but I can read or knit or practice my karate skills on death moths that divebomb me (true story) So far, I've defeated a HUGE spider, two HUGE moths and this morning there was a dead mouse in the that's totally gross haha. Ewwww I just grossed myself out thinking about it. Good thing I'm there to defeat those vile creatures.

Anywho I just haven't felt like blogging or doing anything really. I've been really super tired lately, all I want to do is sleep but that doesn't happen as much as I'd like.

I think I have 2 more photo shoots scheduled for Christmas parties so I'm probably not scheduling anymore for awhile. It's way cold out (supposed to snow this week..yikes) and all the fall colors are fading so it's not a great time for pics anyways and I could use the break!!

I have some strange patch of skin on my eyelid that I get when I'm stressed/tired and it's baaaack. I think the weather doesn't help it either. I just want to hibernate until April, pretty please?

Oh well, here are a few pics from a few random photo shoots:

Several Seniors-

 Several Families-

There's a lot more where that came from but I should get ready for work now =)

p.s. watch this trailer, sooooooo good. Cannnnot wait until March!!!! Then read the book, The Hunger Games if you haven't already, that is all.



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