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Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful Day 2

I really don't plan on using this as my regular form of documenting my goal and what I'm thankful for but right now, it's working. I have no energy to find my journal. I do have a small book that I was going to write in but that's ALL the way downstairs...soooo.

Today I am thankful for technology. This is a very broad category so it's kind of cheating but I like being able to communicate with family in another state (not to mention play scrabble with cousins/uncle in UT ;))
I'm thankful that I'm able to listen to music/books and 'veg' after a loooong day at work.
I'm thankful for whoever told me about Spotify. It's life changing for my music listening.
I'm thankful for email and how I get to write to my brother who's in Chile for two years and I get to hear from him once a week via email.
I'm thankful for skype and the fact that we get to SEE and talk to my 'Chilean' brother on Christmas day. I'm thankful for my iPad which allows me to do so much especially when I'm working at night. I can plan my lessons/email/watch movies/read books/pinterest :)
I'm thankful for my camera and how it allows me to take a thousand pictures with very little effort
I'm thankful for my phone that let's me text far away friends

My goal from yesterday was to be more I haven't done much to work towards that goal but I am going to clear my desk off after I'm done blogging so that will be progress. Maybe I'll get a bug in me to clean my room. That's a really hard one for me lately. I usually like to clean my room at night after everyone else is in bed and I can just throw on headphones and go to town but I'm rarely home at night now so my room is getting out of control! This is how I'm justifying it right now:
So far, it's not working for that purpose either but I do have to do some acrobatics to get to my closet...which is weird because all the clothes that should be in my closet are what's preventing me from getting to my closet easily...oh gosh. it's a vicious cycle.



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