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Saturday, November 5, 2011


It's almost Christmas. I know there's still almost two full months before but it always goes by super quick. With my brother being in Chile serving a mission, we have to get his Christmas package sent off WAY early too, we should probably send it next week so it gets there on time, last year it was a New Years package instead of a Christmas package :(.

I told him last year that instead of buying and sending him gifts for birthday's and Christmas I would just save the money that I would have spent and buy him an ipod when he gets home because the stuff I was sending was dumb little things and he won't have room to bring it all home anyways. Plus his baby ipod broke so he would be coming home to no music. Well for Christmas I decided to make him a few things. I bought fabric to make him a pillowcase (see last post :)) and tonight I made this stocking for him:
Last year my creative friend Taylor (I'd link her blog but it's private) posted pictures of two similar stockings she made for her brothers, one was getting ready to leave and one had one Christmas left before coming home. I loved them and I started thinking about them again the other day. After begging her for the 'recipe' she very nicely wrote me up a pattern and emailed it to me. Only problem is my printer won't print black ink right now...hmmmm. Well I just happened to find a stocking on my table downstairs so I traced it onto black canvas-like fabric and used a too small button down shirt for the top. I just made it up as I went and it ended up working for the most part. The top is a little crooked but he's a boy :D. I also used the skinny side of a real tie that was too short for anyone here. Then I found a gold button to sew on for the tie tack. And of course no missionary is complete without his/her tag.

It only took about 20 minutes and was fairly simple! Hopefully he'll like it!!

Also today, I took some senior pics for my friend:

Ya she's basically a pro. And a special thanks to the Chapins for letting us use their awesome green chair...that I pretended to loose so I could keep it, but I'm too honest for that :).


Andrea said...

I'm so glad you posted this post. Last night at my mom's she was showing me these skills of yours on facebook. So cute. Those pictures of Heidi are amazing!


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