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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful Day 4

Today I am thankful for friends and family. My good friend Michelle just came up for Thanksgiving and came over for a little bit today. It's fun to see friends you haven't seen in forever. The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving we've ALWAYS gotten together with the families we have Thanksgiving with and we have dinner, usually at Round Table pizza. Since people have moved/grown up, our group is shrinking but it's still fun to hang out with them. They have a really good salad bar there too  :). I'm also thankful that my family puts up with my weirdness and how they try to hide their eye rolling from me.

Today I've made the turkey brine (which the turkey will be going into soon as someone gets here to remove the crap from the inside of it, gag) and some ham rolls and cucumber boats for tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'm cooking most of our thanksgiving meal again this year so I've been trying to get the prep work out of the way. The only things I refuse to make- stuffing (EEWWW) and sweet potato junk with marshmallows, grosssss. So since I've gone on about it, I guess I'm thankful for fooooood too :).

No progress made on either of my goals today. I got off work at 6am, took shelley to the bus at 9:30, grocery shopped right after then hung out with Michelle so I have some good excuses.



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