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Friday, December 2, 2011

Get Your Craft On

YAY! It seems like there are several people who would like to do a craft day!! (and Doneva, you are NEVER too old to craft!!) So now that I think we have enough people I think what we'll do is pick one craft to all do together, I'll gather the items together. Then The rest of the time can be spent crafting on whatever you'd like to craft. Sound good? That would be way easier for me.

I'll find a few ideas for you to vote on which one you'd like to make as a group. Soon.

It's not too late either to sign up to come or bring a friend, obviously since nothing is even really planned.

We also need to figure out a date...that might be difficult. I'm not able Monday-Wednesday nights and there's already lots planned for the other nights. Here are three dates I've found that could work in the evening -- (too bad it's the 3rd tomorrow, that would be the perfect date!!)
Saturday 17th --anytime works
Thursday 22nd--anytime but I have to be done by 8:45pm to get to work
Friday 23rd--anytime.

I realize those last two dates might be pushing it close to Christmas...yikes. Maybe this isn't such a good idea, we could do it another month too if needed.

Hmmm just let me know. I'll also have to figure out a place to hold this shindig. I know the Lynden Library has a free community room any other ideas?

Anywhoooo here are a few crafts I'm working on currently:

snowflakes out of old book pages for our ward Christmas party. They might end up being just swirly's instead of snowflakes though, we'll see.

And my Princess in a Box project. Obviously they are not all done, cinderella is rather nakey right now and she along with mulan (and not pictured Tiana) need their bun's glued on. Several others need their jewels glued on to fancy them up a bit. I want to make several more sets for Christmas gifts but we'll see if that happens. I also have guy figures to make some superheroes and whathaveyou.

This set might go to someone who is partially blind because my painting skillllz aren't quite up to par. Yikes.

Well, let me know what dates work, if you have friends interested, and if you have any craft ideas we could make as a group!!


Andrea said...

I love it!
I can't do Saturday the 17 (it's our ward Christmas party and the youth are in charge of it!!!) but Thursday would totally work for me!
I vote we do it at my mom's house too, wink.

The Black's said...

Friday the 23 works for me and we should do the lynden library! I have some crafts I wanted to do on Pinterest....I will try and e-mail them to you to see if you want to do any of them ....

The Black's said...

Okay just read Andrea's comment....any place will work for me and Thurs. the 22nd would work too....but just worried about it pushing too close to when you had to work :)

Andrea said...

I'm open for Friday too and any place!

Amanda said...

ok Friday might be better then because I won't have to worry about taking off for work...and I don't care where we go, just as long as it's free :). I think the lynden library closes at 6 on Friday's. I'm not sure if this is allowed (:D) but maybe we could just do it at the Northwest Building...?! That way we could have several tables set up and have plenty of room for whoever shows up? I know people do that kind of thing all the time but I'd have to check the ward site to see if it's booked that night. And Erryn, my email is amandapeckphotography at gmail dot com if you didn't already have it, I'd love to see your ideas (or you could just tag me on them on pinterest)


i want an invite! that sounds fun! just tell me where and when!


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