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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pillowcase Fever

Pillowcases are sewwww magnificent! If everyone gets a pillowcase from me for Christmas you can blame....well I don't know who or what you can blame. I love to sew but I'm not great at it. I taught myself how to sew when I was in middle school so I never learned how to sew 'correctly'. I say if it stay together after you're finished it's a success!! I've made lots of random sewed items, some have failed but that's how you learn. I made a toddler dress in High School for my Home EC project. That was my favorite class, pretty sure I got over 100% (hollla).

ANYWHO. Last Wednesday for activity we made pillowcases. I spent 45 minutes picking out fabric that I thought the girls would like and we were ready. I found some directions from the internet and though there were some new terms and techniques in there we went ahead anyways. I recruited a few good sewers from our ward to come help. I'm SO glad I did because even though I do know how to sew, I'm terrrrrible at cutting fabric so it was nice to learn and to have someone help do that part. Other than cutting (for me) it's a very simple pattern. Here's a link if you want to try it out. This blog I found after getting my original directions is much better at explaining and there's even a video if you need a visual.

Here are some pictures of the pillowcases I've made. I made two just now and one last week. We had 2 girls who didn't come to activity so I made them each one.
 I made this one for myself because nobody picked this fabric haha. I like it though.
 This one is bright and colorful. We have a new girl in our ward and I don't really know her style so hopefully she'll like it!
I made this one for a girl who loves purple. It makes me a little dizzy looking at it but it's a cute pattern.

This could be bad for my pocketbook. Do people even say things like that anymore? It'll be bad for my ATM card.



amanda im so glad you posted a link! i am ready to make myself one now but was scared to try it on my own. now i have hope! see you tomorrow!

Andrea said...

You are so awesome! Those are great. There is a lady in our ward who makes those too and I've always thought they were super cute!
We need to get together sometime and talk healthy food and you can help me sew! I really want to be good but I don't make the time to practice!
Thanks for adding my button!


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