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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Deseret Book

So it's kind of a funny story...the other night at work, I had a weird shift because the lady I usually work with was sick so I didn't have my small "break" between my evening and night shifts. No biggie but I had planned on using that break to work on my lesson for YW on Sunday. 

So once everyone was down for the evening I went back to my little room, got on my yoga pants and brushed my teeth. While I was brushing, for some reason I left the bathroom (I thought I heard something in the GH) but anyways I ended up over by one of the large book shelves that are in the room I sleep. All the books belong to the couple that live above the GH (ANYWAYS haha) they are all church books and I glanced up and saw one that was called, The Miracle of Forgiveness by Spencer W Kimball. Well, my lesson is on forgiveness this Sunday, so I started flipping through it (after I finished brushing) and it was such an excellent book, I was furiously writing down quotes and scriptures I could use. 

Then I decided to get on my iPad and just order the book because I liked it so much. After looking for a copy, I ended up at Deseret Book's site. They had the best price but I didn't want to order it from my iPad so I was going to order it the next day. Well I happened to glance over to the side next to the book and they were advertising a free DB I downloaded it. And guess what? The free app comes with several free books and one of them was the very book I wanted to use for my lesson!! WOOOHOOO. I read several pages and I love it. I don't think we understand just how hard it is to forgive ourselves but this book is written so plainly and it's actually a pretty fun book to read...if a book about something serious can be fun...? He's just a really good author/speaker/person. 

I've already started marking my favorite parts of it using the app's highlighter/bookmark options. check it out:
It also comes with the standard works and several other books, it's so worth it if you have an apple product or an android, pretty sure you can download it to a computer too...?!

I just love when that kind of stuff works out. I was obviously meant to have access to this book..hint hint? probably. Just while I was sitting here blogging, I looked up at the shelf above me and found another book called, Standing for Something by Gordon B. Hinckley and I got it down because that's our Young Women in Excellence theme this year and found more written about the virtue of forgiveness and it's twin, mercy.

Guess I have lots of reading/planning to do. My list is just piling up!!



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