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Friday, August 3, 2012

Welcome Basket

There is a family in my ward who's son is getting married next week. I am friends with his mom and offered to help a little. We went over a weeded a bit on Wednesday then I asked if there was anything else I could do. She was nervous about hosting her future family-in-law because she wanted to be welcoming but had no time to prepare anything. Well this sounds just like my idea of fun. No joke. I love doing this kind of thing so after her protests I told her I was doing it, that she couldn't change my mind and walked away ;).

Here is the result. I don't know this other family at all so I wasn't sure what to buy but I went with generic items so hopefully something will be of use. It started off as towels and evolved from there. Ignore the silly phone pictures please and thank you.

These are both the baskets I made. The one on the left is for the family of 4 so there is a lot of stuff in there. The one on the right is for the newlywed couple. They only needed 2 of everything so their basket is put together a little differently.
A closer up of the newlywed basket. They basically have the same items just packaged a little differently.
To make it a little welcoming I made this little banner using my cricut to cut out the banner shapes, then stamped the letters then used my sewing machine to sew it all together. Much better/easier/faster than gluing the banner to ribbon.
The other welcome sign. I was going to write congratulations but forgot and did a whole welcome banner before realizing it. Woops.
and finally I made a little gift for the grooms mom who has been doing a massive amount of work around her house to prepare for the open house. Seriously I don't know HOW she's doing all of it. This is a sugar hand scrub that gets dirt and grim off your hands in 4 seconds :) plus the sugar makes it exfoliating and leaves your hands super soft. The sticks are to stick in the jar to get the soap out. Totally unnecessary but I just liked how it looked :)

The items that are in the basket are:
Towels for each person, washcloths for each, a hand towel, voss water bottles for each (purely for their shape), travel size shampoo/conditioner (one kind for girls, one kind for guys), body soap, hand soap, bar of soap, little votive jars filled with Q-tips and flossers wrapped in cellophane, toothbrushes, toothpaste, gum, 2 kinds of mouthwash, manicure kit, chocolate lindor truffles, earplugs. I think that's it.

Items I meant to get but couldn't find: luffas, sleeping eye masks, and a few other items I can't remember now

If anyone has any baskets they need made let me know!!

It's so fun to make them.


Kristin said...

These are so cute. Are they for the Frobergs?

Amanda said...

yep, for their new family-in-law who are going to visit.

Andrea said...

I couldn't believe it when I saw these at my moms. So perfect! You are incredible. Thanks for being such a good friend to my mom. :)


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