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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Blind as a bat

This is mostly a test for me. I don't have my glasses on, but I can't sleep and remembered I needed to print something for tomorrow so I've been squinting and trying to find my way around the world wide webs without glasses. Man I am BLIND. Luckily our keyboards have something called the home row otherwise this post would not be readable at all, all I see is little black squiggly lines instead of words. It will be fun to reread this tomorrow to see how poorly written this post really is.

Right now I love wireless everything. I have a wireless printer so I'm able to find what I need for tomorow and print it from my bed at 12:20 (I think, I can't really see the clock). That way it will just be waiting for me tomorrow. I also have a USB mini fan that is helping to keep my body temperature at a decent level, it's hottttt.

In other news (still can't sleep or see) I spent this entire, wonderful, sunny day inside my dark and dreary room (not really but you get the idea). Folding laundry and finally organizing after all the hecticness that has been this summer has prevented me from cleaning my room. As much as I want to use th excuse that I redesigned the mess in my room to be an obsticale course designed to keep me fit, I know the real reason. But I am happy to say that I woke up to a daunting mess and I'm falling (or not) asleep in a freshly cleaned/organized room with a floor that has nothing on it that shouldn't be there. Thank goodness. This is embarrassing but I literally had a pathway between my laundry baskets to get where I needed to go. It also meant I got to watch a couple movies, both happened to be mid-1800's types, since reading Edenbooke I'm back to being obsessed with the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen.  I recommend that book to anybody, it's so funny and wholesome. I actually have a stack of library books that I need to read but Jane Eyre is sitting on my self taunting me so I might just return these silly books so I can read Jane Eyre in peace.

I also planted wild flowers and cilantro today. We'll see if my halfhearted attempt actually works. I think you actually have to do something other than throw seeds in random places and hope they grow. Hey that could be a good analogy for church at some point.....

Anyways I need to stop my eyes are going crosseyed and I really should try to sleep again. plus I can see colors and my laptop battery light has been on red this entire time.

Sorry I'm so random. I don't know why, actually I do, it's just imbedded in me I guess.



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