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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Are we there yet?

That's what I've felt like for the last week. I don't feel like I've had a chance to sit down and not do anything for awhile now. I brought it all on myself though. Who decides to screen print 16+ tshirts, make 8+ posters, demolish a bathroom and patch it back together again, plus do all the regular day-to-day stuff all within 4 days? Me. I got so annoyed with myself this weekend oh well. The hard part is done.

Tuesday morning around 12pm I finished up the bathroom with just enough time to shower in said bathroom and get ready to go to the airport to pick up Ty, it was hectic.

Here's the completed bathroom:

in case you wanted to see 100 pictures of this 6X10 room, there ya go. That big wall above the toilet will soon have a towel rack/shelf do-dad, there's also a rug that matches the shower curtain now as well as a basket on top of the white shelf. We lost a lot of storage with this remodel but I think it was worth it. We downsized pretty easily.

Anyways Ty also got home, that's fun. He has a funny accent and everything he says sounds like a question and his voice inflects in weird places. He also came home and started opening up drawers and wondering around in a sort of daze. He said everything was so green, big and not dusty. He also said our house smells like a party......whatever that means, I don't know if it's good or bad.

Here is one of the signs I made, I made Sam hold it because I was busy.
 a 'before and after' photo. The top is a picture of us when we pretended to drop Ty off at the MTC (he really went in a few days later). And the bottom was us yesterday. We were backwards but whatever. If Sam wasn't slouching you'd see that he is an inch or two taller than ty.
This was part of the group that came to the airport. It was a happening place. I think 5 people showed up after we took this picture (and half the people aren't looking). We took up the entire Bellingham airport with our signs and crowd it was kind of hectic but I everyone who was on the flight with him just smiled at us and weren't too upset thankfully.

Tonight for YW we went tubing on the lake. The last 2 years we've done this and it's seriously SO fun. I must have lost some of my daredevil-ish-ness though because this time I screamed at the tame parts and got off after like 10 minutes where before I would stay on for 30 minutes at a time and request the 'crazy ride' over and over. I'd come home black and blue and so so sore but I loved it. This year I just wasn't feeling it too much for some reason maybe because there were lots of girls and I wanted them to have lots of chances, before we only had like 4 girls total. After getting out of the boat my arm/fingers/neck started being really weird and I can't hardly move my entire right arm so that's different. Typing right now is fine because I'm propped up but it does kind of hurt.

Oh well. I'm so tired, I should go to sleep now.


Nicole said...

Bathroom looks awesome! and you forgot to mention the miracle hug. Don't worry I blogged it. So, if you want to read about a miracle read my blog.

Andrea said...

The bathroom looks great.
I can't believe Ty is home. That seemed to really fly. What a welcome group!


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