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Monday, August 13, 2012

Call me Holmes.

My bathroom is not done, but my feet hurt in a way they've never hurt before so I'm sitting for a few minutes, sue me. If you've been reading my blog you'll know that last Thursday I demolished my bathroom with a crowbar and mallet (I suggest using a hammer or something with more umph). My parents got inside and saw what I had done and said, ok it's your project. It has been alllll mine. The only thing my parents have done is, my mom has gone shopping to pay for stuff and my dad wrapped the tall light fixture with tape so I could paint it. Seriously. Sam helped a little with painting but that's it.

Anyway, on to the pictures:


You can see WHY this needed to happen right? Totally ugly 70's gross bathroom that was NOT cute. Seriously I've been so over this bathroom. It was time. I was under a time constraint, I demoed on Thursday and have to be done by Tuesday (tomorrow) when my brother gets home.
Ugh I cringe looking at this picture I don't know how we lasted so long with this.

 After demo....well mostly done with demo. See my little basket with my tools? Cute. I need a pink toolbox I decided, and pink work gloves/hammer/screwdriver/drill. Just saying.

 I acquired this huge swollen bruise, this pciture does not to it justice at all. It hurts I have no idea how I got it. Maybe when the cabinet started falling on me?
once demo was done, we went to the hardware store for the 4th time and realized that our plumbing was not in the right place. yikes. Luckily we know a handy plumber who dropped everything to come help us fix this problem. Thank goodness. But let it be known, that I did all the plumbing stuff before he got there. I unhooked the sink and spent 30 minutes prying the old rusted pipe off and learned all about plumbing and how nasty it is.

He moved the pipe to the right place then muddied the wall, I primed when he left the night before and pulled up the old floor. The next day friendly plumber came back and installed the flooring and toilet. Him coming to help again allowed me to do this:
Screen printed 16 tshirts for everyone to wear at the airport tomorrow when Ty gets home from Chile. There are going to be so many people there it's gonna be a mad house, sorry in advance Bellingham airport.

During shopping trip number 8 I declared a mandatory menchies break. I think I need another one of those.

Got home from a ward BBQ, wrapped the toilet in saran wrap to prevent it from being painted. Please try not to be so awed by my genius. haha but it did work good and it provided a sort of 'shelf'.

managed to paint more of myself than the room. Awesome.

Skip, jump ahead, this is close to what it currently looks like. Painted a light grey, light fixture up, tile grouted, wainscoting up etc etc.....
Another view:
Not done, you'll see the unpainted part. I worked on that today and I'm just about done, just about another hour and it'll be good to go.
I won't post more photos until it's completely done and 'staged'. Which is all I wanted to do to begin with, paint and buy new accessories.

I was put in charge of doing everything (or delegating to helpers who could do stuff I couldn't). I got to choose the colors/furniture, faucet, sink, mirror, design etc. I loved it. I had some hard choices but I'm pretty happy with the ones I made. '

I also found time to make several signs for Ty's homecoming:
 just one of the 6 or so. It says, Hi my brother. I wanted it to say Hi my brotha but couldn't find the correct spanish spelling. More pictures of the airport stuff later.

lalalalalala I'm exhausted and so ready for bed even though I still have too much to do.



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