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Friday, August 10, 2012

I don't know what else to do.... I'll blog. I 'accidentally' started this bathroom remodel yesterday with the demolition which is turning out to be the easiest part. Luckily we have a plumber/handy man guy in our ward so he was able to come to the rescue today to fix my plumbing woes (he's at the hardware store now and will hopefully be able to finish up in a few hours so I can start priming the bathroom). Just so I can keep an eye on the prize and not get too freaked out by the amount of work I have to do here is an image I made up in photo shop of all the product's I've picked out and what the bathroom should kind of look like in the end.

it's a really crude drawing I didn't want to mess with angles and whatnot so it's all wonky but whatever it's good enough for now. If only I could have predicted the amount of work this was going to be, I might have been a little more frugal with my demolition.



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