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Thursday, August 9, 2012

So far today.....

This is what I've done:

demoed our uglllly bathroom that we are going to have redone by next Tuesday when Ty comes home....ohh boy. Give me a crowbar and 30 minutes and I can do work. After blogging I'm gonna start on the counter, except maybe I'll just start on the bottom doors because I don't do plumbing. What started this epidemic, we saw this picture yesterday and started today, we think things through around here.

Screen printed 6 tshirts for next Tuesday for family to wear. I still have several more to do but am waiting for the shirts from people. Once I got the screen printed correctly it took about an hour.

I've started printing on sticky notes after I take scripture study notes so I can include them in my scriptures and not have scribbly unreadable margins....which I'll still have but that's not the point. I just like to print on post-it's, I gotta get some better colors though.

Although these items were done in the exact opposite order. Scriptures were first, then tshirts, then the bathroom. Taking a small Sonic happy hour raspberry limeaid break, the best ever.

Oh I might have watched the Olympics a bit judgement zone it only happens 2 weeks every 2 years ok. Water polo is my favorite (the mens version is more intense and funner to watch though). I also quite enjoy Apparatus Gymnastics too, I can't wait for ribbon dancing, I'm not even kidding.

ALSO I've made my bed everyday for the last 5 days, that's a record for me, I used to find no reason to make my bed besides just throwing the covers around a bit but now I love it, it makes my entire room look so much cleaner. Go me!!


Taylor said...

I love your shirts! They look great! Way better than the ones that I made for when Zach came home!


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