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Monday, April 16, 2012

When you don't feel like blogging....

(Thanks for the nice words on my last post, I wasn't really expecting any replies because I was kind of dramatic....oh well.)

You write random stuff

I just haven't been in a blogging mood lately. I'm just dizzy and feel sick most of the day so I don't bother.

We've been having really nice weekend weather. I'll take it. I pulled out the hammock swing and have been reading / napping in it when it's nice. It feels good to lay there and shut my brain off for a bit.

I love the band the civil wars

If I had a band I'd name it , "the money is in the banana stand"

If you get that reference we can continue being friends ;)

Even if you don't, we can

I LOVE downton abbey

I don't really understand politics

I love the internet far too much

White bread is gross

Sometimes I feel my heartbeat in my head

We watched family videos the other day and let me tell you, I had (and still have) "the moves"

Only 2.5 of my nails have fingernail polish on them

I keep hearing a dinging here at work

Im hungry for one of those captain crunch cereal ice cream bars

I'm not going to eat sugar or wheat or potatoes starting tomorrow

I'm dreading it at the same time, very excited

I'm ready to be healthy again

My arms hurt from typing like this on my iPad

You know the book goodnight moon? Did you know they have one called goodnight iPad? Cuz 'they' do (who is the proverbial they anyway?)

I need good book suggestions

My stomach hurts right now

I want to sleep

I Keep hearing noises that make me nervous

I'm not good at this

I wish it was 6am

I'm addicted to the game, scramble me...let's play

Also instagram

I can't wait for my 6:30am 'nap' in my own bed tomorrow

Plop plop fizz fizz

Team gale

Chapped lips

Green Apple Chapstick is the best




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