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Thursday, April 19, 2012


My ultimate motivation for this 'diet' of mine is to be healthy. I'm not trying to look a certain way or please anyone else. I want to feel good. I want to treat myself like a person, not a garbage disposal. I know how I felt last time I did this. I had more energy, I was more active, my anxiety was decreased. Getting the junk out of my system is my goal. I want to eat correct portions, eat more vegetables, exercise, sleep well, drink lots of water. I know I can do it.

I liked this quote that I found on Pinterest:

Who else is guilty of beating themselves up? Or just saying, whatever, it can wait. Everyone else it eating it. Nobody else is on a diet. I just want one. Just stop it!!

Even one pound lost is an accomplishment. Think of holding a box of butter. That's one pound. One pound healthier, one pound closer to a goal. 

It's not just about pounds, it's about how we feel in our own skin. Wearing baggy clothes because nothing looks good so why bother. Feel good about yourself no matter your size.

This is how I'm going to motivate myself:
found via pinterest
 With each pebble I will celebrate, with a large glass of water :). With each pebble, I will be closer to my ultimate goal. Lots of little steps can produce big results. The little changes are often the greatest.

I've also decided to increment the total amount of weight I want to loose and reward myself for each milestone. I really didn't hold back while making my list haha I want to have fun things to look forward to, to get me through the tougher days.

My first goal I reach I will get myself a movie or book
2nd goal- I will get a pedicure
3rd goal- A new (ctr) ring and a bottle of Essie nail polish
4th goal- A pair of Toms (perhaps ballet flats?)
5th- New Shoot Sac cover for my camera bag
6th- 2 new complete outfits, 1 for church and 1 for everyday

I know this seems silly but I really do like buying stuff and this way, I'll be less likely to splurge while at the store randomly, thus saving money in the long run :). 

Maybe this isn't the way for everyone but for me, right now, it's good. It could change or evolve as I go, and that's ok.

My timing is very ambitious but I'm not going to stress out too much about that. I'm not sure why I have to quantify it but I did. I won't beat myself up if I don't make it in 'time'. I'll just keep trucking along.

If I can do it, TRUST me you can do it too!!!! Start with something small, starting drinking at least 64oz of water a day. Small baby steps!!


Andrea said...

This is awesome. I never thought of a pound in relation to a box of butter. You are inspiring!!
Good luck!


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