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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Conference 101

This last weekend my church had it's semi-annual general conference. It's where our leaders prepare talks and the MoTab sings. It's kind of a big deal and it's kind of an all weekend event. Saturday there are 2 sessions with 1 evening session for the Priesthood holders. Then Sunday there are 2 more sessions (each session lasts aprox 2 hrs). The weekend before that the Young Women of the church (ages 12-18 +their moms & leaders) had there own mini conference just for them. It's pretty neat.

What this means in our house is, we get to stay in our PJ's, eat cinnamon rolls (or this year, whole wheat cinnamon monkey bread, yumm), lay on the couch with our pillows & blankets, and nap in between sessions. No skirts, pantyhose, fancy shoes, or lessons to prepare that weekend.

Well this time was strange. I started by watching Saturday morning conference (I might have slept in a little bit). Then when the afternoon session came on, I accidentally fell asleep. (I'm having sleep issues currently so I can't be blamed for this haha). So I watched several saturday conference talks that night on my ipad before going to sleep.

The next day....I woke up with a TERRRRRIBLE feeling. One that I dread above all other feelings. I'm pretty sure vomiting is my least favorite thing to do EVER. I awoke with a start at 7:30am and ran down the hall....luckily I quickly took a pill to help ease my stomach. I was still reallllly queasy/panicked so I got a cold washcloth and started towards my bedroom. Apparently I looked horrible because my mom came down the hall and asked why I was sheet white. I had literally collapsed onto my bed (luckily) and there I laid until 4pm. I slept the entire day. Once again, missing conference. I think I had mild food poisoning or something...

I've been watching talks here and there throughout the week and I haven't come across one yet where I didn't think, DUH. Here are some favorite quotes from talks:

 This quote is great. He was talking about our world and how if we really look at life, we could not have been created by a big bang. I've never believed in the big bang theory (although I do enjoy the show ;))
 Recently, I've had some personal experiences with this one. This quote made me think about a particular situation and I wish I had had this advice several weeks ago. Action is important, all the well meaning offers of help can't produce results unfortunately.
 I LOVE this quote. When he said it, I smacked my forehead. I don't think I'm a very judgmental person for the most part. There are times when I find myself thinking about someone's life situation and not necessarily judging them but making assumptions. I need to:
Something about glass houses comes to mind when reading those two quotes. Just because I don't sin a certain way, doesn't make me any less of a sinner than anyone else.
 This was another aha! moment. I'm better at this now that I'm older but I remember being younger and always being so jealous of others, their clothes, their hair, etc...I can be happy for people when good things happen to them.

That's all for now. I'm leaving for New York tomorrow, this time tomorrow night I'll be sitting in the airport waiting to get on my flight. Hopefully I'll be able to sleeeeeeeeep while flying so when I land at 7am (EST) (4AM our time) I'll be able to somewhat function.



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