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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I've posted in the past about how I love to write. I'm not a very eloquent writer but it is something I really enjoy. Roald Dahl once said when he writes, he leaves this world for another. It is kind of true. Although I would never compare myself to someone great like him, when I write I find I'm able to completly focus on what I'm writing. Whatever the characters that come out of my brain are doing, I do along with them. Sounds SO weird and I sound like a coo-coo bird but I'm just being honest. I love escaping to the world of whatever I'm writing. Wondering what the people in my mind are going to do next, who they will meet. I often just start writing. I'm not very good at outlines or anything.

An idea starts out as a dream, or I'll hear something in a song that gives me an idea, walking around stores gives me ideas, listening to people talk, going to restruants. One of my favorite past times is people watching. My mom thinks I'm a creep because I love to watch people, listen to their conversations, when driving I often find myself looking in house windows (ok that sounds creepy but it's not, I promise). My favorite time is around 5-6pm when people are sitting down to dinner and I can see them through the kitchen window (I bet whoever reads this will start closing their blinds now....shucks :)) I make up stories and histories for the people I watch, invent characters out of them. I've done that ever since I can remember. I've always had a crazy imagination that sometimes would scare me haha.

Today while driving around a resident for work, we were listening to a song and there was one line that made something snap and all of a sudden I was imagining this new place, this new idea for another book partly written already in my mind. During my 'break' between my evening shift and overnight shift I got out my trusty ipad and new blutooth keyboard (worth every penny) and just wrote down a few lines of basic information, things I had thought of. I started writing the first page. That's always my favorite, trying to come up with something that will make people want to continue reading. I often judge a book by it's first couple pages.

Anyways it just made me think. Inspiration is all around us, no matter what our hobbies or interests are. If we're open to seeing them, we can find ideas everywhere. I've always been envious of people who are just creative all around, whatever they want to do, they're great at it. even though writing is just for fun, I really enjoy it and if we can all find something we enjoy and that let's us 'escape' a little bit, we'll be better, healither people.

Anyone have any dreams of becoming a book editor? haha I could use some 'test subjects'.


Nothing to do with anything:

Tomorrow I might post about a fun new treat I had today. I started my Prism diet again. Tomorrow it starts full swing, I have my water chilling in the fridge ready for the drinking. Yesterday and today I avoided all sugar but I did have some WW garlic bread that I made for dinner last night so I didn't fully start but will tomorrow. ANYWAYS this is a really tastey treat that I think others will enjoy, made with mini oranges (cuties), some cinnamon, and a little agave. Be excited.



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