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Monday, January 16, 2012

Pinterest Party

Take 2...

haha The plans for the last party didn't quite pan out. It was just far too busy to get together at the end of December. It will be better this way anyways, we will plan a date and time that will work for most everyone. We'll also find a good location with enough space.

I've been thinking about what the best way to have this get together would be. After reading a few other ideas from successful pinterest parties, I've decided how I think it would work best.

I have made a new Pinterest Board if you haven't already been invited to join it, let me know and I'll invite you so you can contribute to the board. If everyone pins a few of their favorite crafts/recipes then we can get an idea of what people want to make. Then, each person will pick one item that they want to bring to share. If we each pick a project we want to do and bring supplies for three additional people (4 total) to make, then we could have a variety of projects to choose from. Not everyone will get to do everything but I think that's ok, we all have different tastes so it should be ok. If you choose a simpler project that would be cheap for everyone to make that's fine too. Then everyone (or whoever wants to) could bring a refreshment they've pinned to share. We could all bring extra crafts we want to personally work on too if we wanted.

What do you think? Good, bad? I'm not married to this idea so if it seems difficult to pull off, we can make it simpler, it's OUR party, we can craft what we want to, craft what we want to....ok sorry.

If you want to participate, let me know!! We'll work it out. If you have friends/coworkers/neighbors who want to join us, they are more than welcome too!! It would be important to know how many people to expect though for space and craft supply reasons. If they are on Pinterest they can also be added to our board if they'd like to be, just let me know!!

I think a Saturday would work best, I have a fun coworker friend who really wanted to participate last time but she works pretty much every evening. If a Saturday doesn't work, we can change it to a Friday too.

Get Pinning Party People!!

p.s. who else LOOOOVES this snow?! I love having snow days even though I'm old. =)


Andrea said...

Ok minor problem. I don't have a facebook account which means I can't do Pinterest. Lame! So.... either I have to open an account or.... well I guess I just have to open an account!

Amanda said...

oh man!! I wish they didn't connect FB and Pinterest like that. I think soon all the social networking accounts will automatically be linked together :/. A friend of mine just opened a fake FB to make her pinterest page. It's worth it :)


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