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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pinterest Crafting #2

P.S. Please don't judge my horrible picture. I just can't bring myself to take out my big camera to take a good picture, besides she has good pics of the same thing on her blog.

Today is Pinterest Thursday!! I almost forgot it was Thursday after a rather unusual Wednesday. But I remembered just in time. This week I am posting a handout I made for my Visiting Teaching ladies for January. There's a blog that I pinned on Pinterest a few weeks ago and I've gone back to it several times since pinning. She has some really cute church related ideas and free handout ideas. Her site is called Inkablinka. If you'd like to follow my Church Pinterest board click here! Here is the direct link to the instructions to make these wheels.

I really love handouts, making, giving, and receiving them. It's not a waste of time to me, even if it gets looked at for a day or two then gets thrown out, I still like making them. I hope that this site will help me be a better visiting teacher. I'm more likely to go if I have a cute handout or treat for them :D.

here are a few very random pins from my funny board. They have nothing to do with anything but I thought they were funny...duh



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