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Friday, January 27, 2012

Pampered Chef

Three of my favorite products. See below for description.
Yep, I'm going there again...another pampered chef party. I said two years ago that I wouldn't have another one but I just love their products and discounts for hosts so here I am :). My aunt had one last night and I just can't avoid it, I had to book myself a party. You are ALL invited. Even if I don't know you....weird. You can order from my site here. Sorry if you're a stranger you can't come to my house ;).

I don't know what the 'theme' of the evening will be yet but I'm going to have a vote sort of. I'm going to choose a few options I like and leave it up to my attending guests to decide what they want to make/eat.

When: Friday, Feb. 10th @ 7pm
Where: My house (comment or email for directions)
Who: You and any friends/family you'd like to invite

If you've never used a Pampered Chef product, this would be a great time. I LOVE all my P.C. products. I posted a picture of some of my favorites.

Their stone is so great. We have many stone products and they just get better with age. They cook evenly and things just taste better when baked/cooked in/on their stone.  

Their garlic press is amazing!! If you love garlic but don't like your hands smelling like garlic for days, this is such a great product. You put a whole clove (with skin) in the press and squeeze, it peels and minces the garlic in one easy step. 
Last night I got to try a potato chip that was made in the microwave...with that black thing that's pictured in the middle. I was very skeptical because the microwave makes thing soggy. These chips were actually really good, they had no added oil or other additives and they were just as good as the chips you buy. You can also use sweet potatoes or apples on this thing. I'm going to be ordering this for sure!!

Let me know if you'd like to come, remember you can invite friends/family too!! I'm really excited. 



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