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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pinterest Crafting #1

If you saw my subway art of 2012 goals yesterday, it might be a little confusing but I know exactly what each thing means and I guess that's what matters since they're my goals!! One of the more mysterious words was Pinterest. My goal isn't to pin more (we all know I DON'T need to do that) but my goal is to make something that I find on Pinterest every week. It could be a new recipe, a craft, knitting, crocheting, sewing, photo idea, etc... I've decided that I am going to try to use Thurdsday's as my Pinterest idea day.

 The big idea is that I'll go through my boards and kind of clean up a bit. I have pinned A LOT and in the beginning I pinned without abandon so I need to go through and reorganize and unpin some things. I'm also trying to be really good at pinning the PermaLinks, not just the blog where the idea was found. That is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves about Pinterest is people don't know how to pin properly. So often I click on one of my pins and am taken to some blog where I have to scroll through two years of blogs to find the ONE. So I've started just going to the pin's link and pinning it for myself so I know it's right.

ANYWAYS.....sorry for the tangent.

Today's project is from a pin I pinned a few days ago. I made myself a pair of "15 minute PJ pants". Truth be told, just folding the fabric right took 15 minutes but once that was done, they were pretty simple.

I had purchased a whole bolt of this crazy pink houndstooth flannel the day after Thanksgiving for $6.99, when it's usually $50-60 bucks for the bolt. That's a good deal to me!! The next day they were all on sale for $25 which is still a 'good deal' but not a 'great deal'!!

Since our YW activity yesterday was to make PJ's I thought I'd make a quick pair. Here is a horrible iPad pic:

They are super bell-bottom-ey because I didn't use the best pair of PJ's to trace...oh well.

Here is the direct link to the blog with the instructions and here is a link to my sewing board if you're interested.

Happy Pinning/Crafting/Creating


Nicole said...

That is a great idea to dedicate a day to a pinterest project!


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