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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Daughter of God YW Lesson

Being in the YW Presidency for my third time in a row means that I get to keep teaching the girls ages 12-18 at church once or twice a month. When I first started this calling, it made me SICK to my stomach and I was nervous and shaky but now after four plus years, it's gotten 'easier'. Easier in the fact that I know all the girls and am more comfortable speaking in front of them, but sometimes it's difficult for me to know exactly what they need to hear...

With this new presidency, I believe I'm teaching every 2nd week now but since it's the new year, the schedule is a little wonky so I get to teach the first lesson of the year. This is usually my favorite because it's usually a basic principle. Sometimes I do best with the basics.

This year it's, A Daughter of God.

We say these words every week with our theme but how can they know it, beyond any doubt?

While preparing, I found this quote card that I really liked, but the resolution was too low to print, so I made my own. If you'd like to see /download it, you can click here (side note, I LOVE when I'm on Pinterest and I see people who aren't LDS pin LDS quotes & Scriptures, it happens alllll the time):

Daughter of God Handout 

This is my very first time using Google Docs so hopefully this will work. It doesn't look right when you open it online, but when you open it with word it should work well...if not let me know and I'll fix it.

I have several other things we are going to do during this lesson but this will be my handout at the end of my lesson, so they all have that reminder.

Handouts are always my favorite part of a lesson, I still have many from when I was a youth. I'm close friends with many of the girls in our YW and I've been over to many of their houses and I LOVE when I see their bathroom mirrors, many have my handouts lining their mirrors or in their rooms hanging on the walls. It just reminds me why it is OK for me to spend a little more time/effort on these handouts. Sometimes I wonder if all the time is worth it, but seeing that tells me that it is. I don't always have to go so extravagant but I know for me personally, they will keep them if they are cute/fun.

This one was really simple but calm at the same time.

Enjoy the handout and if you have problems let me know!!

I forgot I was going to post this poster too (found via Pinterest). This is the mutual 2012 theme



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