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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nacho Libre and Me

I've had some very strange posts in the past, but this one might just take the cake on strange and possibly disturbing?

I know you are all wanting to see more of my painted figures...hehehahahahohoho ya right but here they are anyway:

 one of the star wars guys with Nacho Libre. Ty is getting the Nacho Libre guy in his next package and the hairy star wars guy is going to be added to my star wars set for my uncle:
I do find it a little funny that I've never been into Star Wars and the only names I know are, Darth Vader, Luke, and there's a princess. OH MAN I forgot I was going to make them glowing swords. Perhaps I'll make a few out of toothpicks after I post this...
This is quite possibly the weirdest thing that's ever been on my blog:
 They're for my dad for Christmas so shhhhhhhhh. It's Kiss, one of his favorite bands when he was younger. Don't ask me WHY that is. These officially take the cake as being the hardest figures I have painted on yet.

Soon I should be getting another box in the mail full of more wooden pieces and I have some plans for those to turn into nativities, random people, and Ghost Busters. Right now I'm working on painting more princesses, heroes, and a set of Harry Potter characters. This has turned into a really fun activity for me, albeit time consuming and a little frustrating when I accidentally mess up...So far I've only really messed up bad on one, Harry Potter. His glasses weren't exactly round so I tried to fix it and my hand spasmed in the middle of it and so he has reallllly thick glasses now. OH well.

Today I made this snowflake for my uncle, another Star Wars thing. I believe they are called Storm Troopers (I totally looked it up). I might get brave and make a few more but don't count on it.



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