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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas, Unwrapped

Get it? My goodness I'm so punny...get it? OK I'm done, promise :).

I got prettttttty spoiled this Christmas. I think the older you get, the more you buy for others, you start to get really good gifts yourself...maybe? I know it's not about the gifts but I don't hate it =).

Here are a few of my favorite things!

A zebra pillow pet, every 24 year old needs a pillow pet, come on!! I seriously love it, it might seem childish but I've used it a lot.

So practical, a car emergency kit. It's about time I got this kind of thing. I think I want to put together a whole 72 hr kit in my car too just in case. I love preparedness.

Ummmm a whole Costco sized pack of hand warmers because my hands and feet are always so cold. I actually didn't know these were for me, I saw them in the back of the car a week or so ago. I was driving through a parking lot and saw a homeless person's cot set up under the eves of an abandoned store. That person probably needs this more than me. Maybe I'll go back and see if they're still there.

KB socks, represent!! These are my favorite socks ever. Thanks Costco & Mom for getting them for me while I was shopping with you. Your efforts to hide them from me didn't go unnoticed.

Random box of stuff, mostly stocking stuffers, scrapbooking stuff, HARRY POTTER, a smash book which I'm excited to start and various other items.


.....that doubles as a drink holder..... :) wah wah....

Some new TOMS. Favorite shoes ever. I got another pair in an army green color from my aunt as well. So two kids who need shoes now have them.

This might be one of my favorite favorites. Roald Dahl was/is my favorite author. I have been wanting to buy all of his books for several years now but it was going to be very expensive. Well at Costco one day I saw his entire collection for 25 bucks. I was with my mom and she bought them as an early gift for me. See I'm way too spoiled.

My dad got me this book--that will remain sideways--just flipping through it quickly I've seen some really neat projects I can't wait to try. Perhaps they will be blog worthy?

A gypsy machine for my cricut. This is actually kind of for me and my mom. It's a handy dandy device that lets you plan what you want your cricut to me it's neat. Not pictured: I also got a cricut case to use while transporting my cricut.
Super excited for my new soft box to go over my flash. I took Christmas party pics a few weekends ago and used a SOCK to get the same effect, but this looks more professional  :). I also got a cord that makes my flash 'portable'.
 My brother also got me a handy carrying case for all my paints as well as some new brushes and saaweeeet paints.
Santa heard that I needed a new external hard drive to back up all my photos and the big guy pulled through.

But the best part/s of Christmas?

the gift that keeps on giving!!
 I bought us all animal print snuggies (a WOOT special). Not pictured: My father wearing his cheetah snuggie....except that he never even took it out of the package...rude.

 But really the funnest part was skyping with my brother Ty. He's serving a two year mission in Santiago, Chile. This was his last Christmas in the mission field!!

So one more skype until he's home...well in Aug/Sept. So he's still got some time.

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas. What a wonderful time of year. It's my favorite time of year, fo sho.


Andrea said...

Wow you scored!
Love the snugli photo. Very funny!
I got the k-bell socks from Costco too! That's one of the benefits of being Santa. I get to fill my own stocking most of the time :)


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