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Monday, December 19, 2011

2011 favorites

This year hasn't been too different from past years but on my way to work tonight I was thinking of my favorites of 2011 so here's a mishmash list...with no pics because of my iPad:

1.going to see two movies in one day new years day, Gulivers travels and tangled. Loved both of them.

2. Buying a kayak and trying something new. I love it...I'm not great at it but I love it.

3. Using said kayak to explore the sound, San Juan's, nooksack, etc...

4. Getting a letter from my parents company telling us we were headed to disneyworld in September...all expenses paid. The day we got the letter was incredible!!

5. Sticking to my project 356 and taking a photo EVERY day this year...more on that soon?

6. Being the busiest I've ever been with my photography

7. Being called back into young women's after being released....again!!

8. Getting a new position at work that gave me more hours (overnight) that works with my otherwise nutso schedule

9. Buying myself an iPad...using my new work shift as an excuse ;$ hey it's paid for itself by now, I don't regret it at all!!

10. Redoing my room, finally. It also meant I purged crap like I've never done before...let's not talk about the fact that it needs to be done again ;) but at least I cleaned it last week and mt. Vesuvius of clothing is GONE!

11. Going to girls camp with some of the best people I know and getting to know them better.

12. Going to Disneyworld!! I'm convinced it is the happiest place in earth jkjk kinda.

13. Going to some fun concerts and taking a few fun road trips.

14. My Harry potter themed birthday was pretty spectacular, the movie opened the weekend of my bday so a few of us from the scrapbook retreat went. The whole day was HP themed.

15. Helping my grandparents redo their house.

16. Videotaping my grandpa tell his stories...need to finish though.

17. Making things, crafting in whatever form I wanted

18. Making a few new friends.

19. Sharing/talking about my church with a friend at work a lot.

20. Finding pinterest and addicting all my friends to it

This isn't all that happened this year, just a few things I can remember. It was a good year and I have some big goals for next year hopefully next years list will be even better. Hopefully it will include skydiving with Emily!? I reallllllly want to skydive. You can check out my new board on pinterest it's called, what do you want to do before you die. It's my bucket list maybe a few things will be crossed off next year!!


Andrea said...

I love this idea for a post. Sounds like a good year.
So yesterday my mom gave me bags of those little wooden people and told me she wants me to paint each one to look like a member of our family. I may need some help with this!!!!


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