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Friday, December 23, 2011

Breaking My Rules

Rules are made to be broken right?

In this case, RIGHT.

One of my most favorite and essential Holiday rules is that I do not shop after about the 15th. Usually I have all my shopping done way before that anyways so it's not a hard rule to follow.

This year I made an exception. Seeing all the gifts under my tree grow over the last few days made me feel reallllly spoiled (even though about half of the gifts under the tree are FROM me to my family). But we are pretty lucky to have good jobs and to be able to afford nice Christmas's every year.

This year I decided to grow up. I have picked a name off a giving tree pretty much every year for about five years by myself. So I shopped for an 8 year old girl this year. I hope she likes the items I got her, I hope she knows someone was/is thinking of her.

The other part of this 'growing up' was deciding last night that I needed to get a few gifts for a particular family. I'm not sure why, but I couldn't stop thinking about it all night while I should have been sleeping.

Today I broke my rule, I braved the crowds/traffic and last minute shoppers to get a few things for this family. I'm only writing this because I know she doesn't read my blog, I don't want them to know it was me.

It feels really good to do something for someone else. No matter how big or small the impact might be. They only have three people in their family so it wasn't very hard to find gifts, but I did want them to be useful gifts.

Now I'm listening to music and packaging up their gifts to deliver under the cover of night :). I sound so CIA I know....psh.

I wish I could buy something for everyone who needs a little extra this year, but I know that's unrealistic but I'm happy to help one small family.

I think this will be my new tradition. Since I don't have my own own family, I can 'adopt' one. I have the means to do so, so what's stopping me?!

Should have been doing it all along.

Even if there are times we are struggling financially, there are other ways we can give. We can use our talents and time to bless others around us. It is Christmas after all.

Stay tuned, maybe tonight or tomorrow I'll update with a few reallllly last minute Christmas gifts I've been making. I know you have nothing better to do these last few days before Christmas than read my blog :) just kidding.


Kristin said...

Semi true. I do have nothing else to do than read your blog. ;)

Your Christmas acts of kindness kind of made me tear up. I'm a Christmas sap.

Susan said...

Dear Amanda,

As a family that has been the recipient of some special Christmas gifts, I think this is spectacular and on behalf of those that are on the receiving end, thank you so much! Your generosity is very appreciated!



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