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Saturday, October 1, 2011

HPOE Day 2

(HPOE stands for Happiest Place on Earth from here on out :))

Day two started out a lot earlier than we all would have liked...we had to be down in the lobby at 7:30am. Once all the DIS people were gathered we walked out to wait for the boat to take us over to breakfast at Epcot. They opened the park early for us and we walked over to the aquarium room place and had breakfast. They also honored the people who have worked there for 20 years at breakfast. Afterward, we decided to catch a bus and head over to Animal Kingdom.
This park was probably our least favorite of all the parks because air conditioning was scarce here. But it was still fun. We only went on one side of the park though. It was more for younger kids in my opinion.

We went on a fun safari ride through Africa here. It was realllly cool. You sit in this big truck jeep thing and drive through 'Africa'. They have all these animals that roam free (roaming free might have been an illusion, I'm sure they have a way to keep them separate) around this part of the park, hippos, lions, cheetahs,  ostrich, giraffes etc...

Giraffes and Elephants are my favorite...although that's not a good picture, I have a bettter one but blogger is buggin'.

Next we went on the Everest ride which was the funnest one there. It has a yeti theme and you get in this roller coaster thing and you go backwards, frontwards, in the dark, up, down, all around. It was fun. We went on it two times in a row.
these sideways pictures are driving me nuts but blogger doesn't give me the option to change it. Some people got really freaked out on this ride but I thought it was a blast.
We ate dinner at some fancy restaurant...the only one we could find with AC so we stretched out or experience there :). Did I mention that Florida is HOT? cuz it is, and it's humid. Next time we go were are all bringing 4 outfits per day geeeesh.

After lunch we wandered around. Sam lost his wallet by the river raft fast pass booth, more on that later. We made our way over to the river raft thing that promised to get us soaking wet, which is exactly what we wanted. That was the other fun ride here. My dad and I sat on the side of the raft that didn't hardly get wet AT ALL, the ones who didn't want to get wet (Tiana, Stephanie, my mom) got sopppping wet. Lucky doggggs.

After that someone had the brillant idea to go to the stupid 4D bugs life show. I have said it before and I will say it again, I HATE 3D and 4D is just much worse. I knew what to expect so I propped my feet on the seat in front of me and used my legs to hold my bottom off the seat where I knew 'bugs' would be crawling. I honestly get so much more scared at the little kid rides than the upside down roller coasters, I swear. You shoulda seen me on Finding Nemo, forgetaboutit. I hid my head behind Sam that whole ride...

After that terrible experience we decide it was really hot and we were tired so we made our way to the front of the park where we asked the customer service section if someone had turned Sam's wallet in, they had (!!) so he got that back with everything still in it!! Only in Disneyworld.

We took a bus back with the Pratt's...well half of the Pratt's. Then Sam and my dad went swimming while I took a cold shower and got changed. It started pouring down rain while they were out so we waited for it to stop.

After resting for a little bit we decided to go to Hollywood Studios. The rain had stopped and we made dinner plans. After being told wrong directions we decided to walk 15 minutes to H.Studios since it was just going to be faster. After about 10 minutes of walking, the park was in site and it DUMPED on us. I mean we were soaked to the skin after only a few minutes. We were stuck. There was no cover, no way to get out of the rain. So we decided we needed to go back to the hotel because it looked like we just went swimming in our clothes:

we decided to check the park and see if we could catch a bus back but buses don't run from their to our hotel, only the boats. So we were told to go to the boat dock...once there they said they were shut down because of the thunder and lightening, so we ran to the bus station he told us was the wrong one and by now there is a line that was too long so we started walking back to our hotel. We figured we were already sopping wet and it was actually a very comfortable temperature for the first time our whole trip.

While running and puddle jumping in the rain I got a stress fracture in my foot which made it just lovely to walk on the rest of the week. My $300 camera I had just bought 3 days before FOR THIS TRIP was completely ruined from the rain (Amazon is the best though they are sending me a new one free of charge!!). So that left me without a camera for the last several days of our trip so I had to use my phone.

Once back at the hotel, we made a huge wet mess getting to our room and getting changed. Then we decided to wait until the rain stopped and go back to the park since it was opened late. We ordered room service and got under the covers for warmth. Well the rain didn't stop, and most of the rides were shut down anyways. My dad and I walked on the boardwalk to a small store to get some treats but that was it for the night. LAME.

Stay tuned for Day 3 at HPOE!!

P.S. It's FREEEEZING HERE!! I have 2 photoshoots today so I'd better layer up, and figure out how to walk normally on my bum foot.



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