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Monday, October 3, 2011

HPOE Day 4 & 5

Day four of our wonderful trip found us, finally, at the Magic Kingdom!! Yahooooo. Let the Memories Begin.
Like all the other days, it was HOT. Probably one of the hotter days of the week.

We were sure to take advantage of the free cool down system they offer:
Splash Mountain. We got 2 fast passes for this ride. It feels really good to be splashed with cold water on a hot day. We did goofy faces for ty. This ride helped us cool off very well. It also camouflaged our sweaty-ness win win.
just a few more:
we're violent like that haha jkjk
this picture didn't turn out. But my dad and I ran over to this side of the park before they closed while they had the fireworks show and nobody was in line. They let us stay on the ride for 2 turns since there was no line. Even though it was like 11pm it was still hot and the water felt good...we were in the front and I got SOPPPPING wet. next time we go we are going to bring old books to 'read' on the ride. this time we pretended to be asleep. Man we are funny.

We accidentally got stuck on this reallllly boring ride called the carousal of progress. we almost missed our lunch reservation because of this dumb ride. but it's all about the AC remember so we weren't really that mad.

We also went on Space Mountain, thunder mountain, (basically all the mountains were covered), the hall of presidents (accidentally fell asleep, dont' judge, haunted mansion, etc...there are a lot of rides here. OH DUH my favorite, Pirates was CLOSED the first half of the day, luckily for them it reopened before we left. That's my favorite boat ride.

We also got ONE count it ONE bowl of Pineapple Dole whip to share between the four of us. LAME. I wanted to bathe in the stuff it's so good but perhaps it's better for everyone that I only got a few bites, it allowed me to still fit on the plane seat for the ride home.

here's jack're welcome

after a day at MK we traveled over to Downtown Disney where we decided to skip our dinner reservations and do a little shopping. We didn't do much though. We got some italian ice and walked back to the bus. 

This is at the lego store. They had lots of things made out of legos, imagine that. legggo my lego.

After we decided that was a waste of time we headed back towards magic kingdom. We ended up getting dinner at some fancy hotel that had the monorail driving right through it. Then we took the monorail back to MK where we went on space mountain...awesoooome!! Then sam and my mom decided to go on that ride again then go over to it's a small world (gag me), so my dad and I booked it over to Splash Mountain again. I accidentally stepped on some kids hand because the whole park was sitting in front of the castle to watch the fireworks which meant, NO LINES!! we also got to watch the fireworks on the ride so booya.

After getting off the ride we tried to beat the mass exodus but the fireworks show got over at the same TIME dangiiiit. We ran as best we could through the crowd to get the heck outta dodge. We met up with my mom and sam at the front and fast walked it over to the monorail which had a HUUUUGE dang line. I'm sure the people who were stuck behind us had to wait an hour or longer to catch their ride. We made it on in about 10 minutes, YES.

At this point my foot was hurting something fierce from all my sweet maneuvering/running through the crowd. my foot was so swollen my shoe wouldn't fit on it YIKES and I couldn't move my toes. bad news bears. but I preservered.

We then monorail hopped to catch the one going to Epcot. Once there I shut down one of only 2 open lines because my pass was soaked from splash mountain and it jammed the machine. GRRREAT. but they fixed it and the guy was really nice and kept telling me not to worry about it.

Since Epcot was open late it was pretty busy so all the rides had long lines. We decided to shop at one more place. After that we got 'lost' although I knew where we were. I could hardly walk at this point so we decided to call it a night and headed back to a boat.

Since day 5 wasn't anything fun I'll combine it with this post:
Day 5 was our last day :( we woke up and ordered room service for breakfast then started packing. We had a shuttle bus waiting to take us to the airport. We were on the plane from 11:30pm (florida time) to 6pm (our time) with one brief layover in Atlanta again. I'm happy to report that my father did not receive a full body pat down at this airport--huzzzah!! It was a long day. I changed the language on Sam's personal TV on the flight to Dutch and thought it was the funniest thing in the world (could have been the Dramamine). Couldn't sleep at all on the flight again. looked at a skymall catalog, my favorite part of the airplane ride.

After landing in Seattle we gathered our belongings and headed to our car. We decided to stop for dinner since the last time we ate was at 8:30am Florida time so we were hungry. We found a Chipotles mmmm mmmm gooood I tell ya.

Then we got home a couple hours later and went right to sleep...after talking to my aunt and uncle for a bit.

It was such a fun trip and I can't wait to go again!!

One last picture from our Hollywood Studio day:

Tower of terrrrrro. I had just got done doing something really funny and I stopped right before it took our picture. DANGIT. look at the top row on the left, they were from austriala and one of the ladies was like peeing her pants she was so scared. The people in front of us were French and weird.



sounds like a fun fun trip! oh man im jealous you went to chipotle and didnt call to take my order! now i have to go all the way down to get my own. great now im really hungry!


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