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Friday, September 30, 2011

Happiest Place on Earth Day 1

I'm baaaaaaack!! And oh boy what a week it has been!! Let me bore tell you about it:

We left Saturday night for Seattle around 6pm. We got to security and like usual my father had some...issues going thru security...he always 'forgets' to empty his pockets, take off his belt, he and my mom got chosen to go through the xray body scan machine and afterward my dad had to have a full body search because he forgot to take his contact case out of his pocket. He made a new friend that night.

Anywho our flight to Atlanta left at 11pm and not one seat was empty on that plane. who would have thunk that many people would fly there in the night?! We landed around 3:45am our time or 6:45 their time. We slept very little. We had about a 20 minute wait until our Orlando flight. Once in Orlando, we found our driver who took us to the Boardwalk Resort in a stretch SUV limo...holllla. It's how we do. (I should mention that this was paid 100% for by my parents company who honors all their 20yr staff with a big trip to DisneyWorld. They paid for flights, food, hotel, limo, and a special after hours park rental for the employee and his/her family. We kept joking that if it was a trip we were paying for we would be staying at a budget hotel 30 miles south of the park and we would be eating whatever we could find for cheap at the grocery store...)

So we decided that even though we all got minimal sleep the night before that we would check into our hotel, shower then go over to Epcot for the day. Epcot was pretty fun. Our hotel has a boat launch right outside on the boardwalk and it's about a five minute ride to that park.
We spent the day there and walked around to lots of different countries. My favorite rides were Soarin', and the Scandinavian boat ride. That day we ate lunch at some big place that had lots of different options for people and for dinner we went on over to Japan for some delicious food. They had the best salad dressing I've ever eaten in my liiife there.

Then we were SUPER hot and super tired so we went back to our hotel. I took a small nap and when I woke up my mom said my dad had left to go to Magic Kingdom to walk around without us since we were all sleeping. I was soooo bummed but oh well.

Next we will talk about day 2. But I can't sit here at the computer anymore, I'm too ADD.


Nicole said...

I wanna hear more!


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