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Sunday, October 2, 2011

HPOE Day 3

Beware: all these pictures are bad quality because they came from either my phone or my dad's point and shoot.

This day we went to Hollywood Studios. It was one of the funner parks of our stay. The only bad part was I had to rent a scooter because my foot hurt like a zebra to walk around on it. I felt like an old lady and it stressed me out really bad. Here is proof of my scooter-dom
ya I was super happy about it. Just like all the other days today was HOT, at least it wasn't raining though (although apparently it rained while we were on Aerosmith rollercoaster because my scooter was all wet after we got out but it stopped quickly.)

This was my favorite ride probably of the WHOLE week. Seriously if you ever go here, you HAVE to go on this ride. It has good music, it's in the dark, you go upside down several times but you don't really know it because it's in the dark. It's legit. The only bad part was when I almost shut the whole ride down because I dropped my huge scooter key down into the track in the beginning...ya awesome, NOT. They had to call maintenance in to get it out which caused a small delay but it was better than shutting the whole ride down...phew!!
Here is our picture while we were on the ride:
this is taken right at the beginning as it SHOOTS you super fast into the dark tunnel. we are so original. we rode this ride a few times because it was just that fun. it's a fast-passer for sure though because the line is always long.
we also went on the Hollywood Tower of Terror a few times in a row. This one is MUCH less scary than the one at California Adventures. It doesn't drop you as fast and the people aren't in character as well, they aren't scary at all but in Cali. they are all in character and scare the life out of you.

Like I said, it was HOT. so whenever we could take comfort in air conditioning we did!! This was kind of fun, I don't watch/like American Idol but it was a cool concept..mostly because of the AC. My person didn't win so I was bitter for 12 seconds then I got over it. Anyone can audition then they chose 3 to perform at each showtime at the park. Then the audience picks 1 winner from each show then all the winners go back to compete that night. The winner gets a golden AI pass which lets them cut in line at any of the real AI audition spots.

After that we walked (rode) over to the Indiana Jones stunt show
That was pretty cool. They are really good stunt persons.
We went on a few other rides. We FORGOT to go to the otherside of the dang park so we missed all the cool areas with the fake towns which sucks but i guess we'll be going again. If it wasn't so hot I think we would have had more time/patience to explore more.
After this we tried to find a place for lunch since it was like 3 and we didn't hardly have breakfast. No air conditioned places were open/had an opening so we decided to leave the park and grab lunch at a bakery at our hotel. They had really good sandwiches.
We rested a bit again and showered/swam to cool off. This night we had dinner plans made by DIS. It was all kept a surprise so we had no idea what/where we would be doing/going. We all met at big shuttle buses which drove us back to Hollywood Studios. We got to go behind the scenes and skip all the crowds/lines (holllla). We were taken into a big room where they keep all the extra park props. We saw lots of lion king lifesized puppet things, finding nemo, beauty and the beast props etc...We had snacks here and stood around and talked for about 45 minutes.
They also brought in the two people you see on the right who are dressed up. They are CRAAAZY. They stayed in character the whole time. The lady kissed my dad on the cheek and forehead which made him embarrassed. Here they were talking to Sam about how understated he was acting and how he would be perfect for the part of a little orphan boy who wears lederhosen, and begs for the last cup of porridge while dancing. It was for a new movie they were developing. They were pretty funny but they followed us around ALLLLLL night long and never once got out of their weird characters.

After this ew were led across the whole park to a special VIP section that was blocked off for the Fantasmic water/light show. We were served dinner while we waited for the show to start. Then we watched the show...which was kind of scary for little kids. I held Reagan during this show and she kept her ears plugged the whole time and at one point, quickly grabbed my hand and covered her eyes with it then placed them back over her ears. I just kept telling her Mickey would save the day and he did. It was a fun show and it was nice that we didn't have to deal with the HUGE crowd. We got to have dessert while all the people filed out and watched us with envy.

Once we were done with that part they had us walk back across the park even though it was now closed...and we stopped in the Pixar area of the park. That's when the announced they had rented the Toy Story Mania ride for us to ride on for 2 hours. They had prizes for who got the best score, 1st place was an iPad, 2nd was Bose headphones (which was what I was going for) and 3rd was a kindle. I guess that ride always has an hour or longer wait time and it's hard to get on it so it was cool that we got to have free reign over it.

At one point they told us to get off and go meet Buzz and Woody and some army men who were waiting to have their pictures with us. Then we could go back on the ride for however long we wanted.
I didn't win anything...boooo I was actually pretty terrible at this game. It was really hard and we all had carpal tunnel afterwards it seemed like. We were all sweating like crazy because it was such an intense game. hahahaha

After our time was over it was around 12pm so we got back on our shuttle buses and went back to our hotel for the night. It took awhile to unwind after that crazy game. It was really fun though.

Stay tuned for Day 4, the Magic Kindgom!!



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