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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October Crafting

This is my FAVORRRRITE time of year, hands down. I don't mind the rain and the wind it's worth it! The colors are intense and it give me an excuse to drink hot apple cider (or this really good herbal/organic tea that I had last night at work, it's peppermint with red clove and it's called world peace or's delicious). It also gives me an excuse to craft a little bit since the weather isn't great anymore. This month has been super crazy but I have had some time to get my craft on. Please forgive me for saying that. It won't happen again...
This was a hat I made during my night shift hours. It took 2 nights and it was done. I love the gradation of colors in this noro yarn. There was enough yarn left over to make these:
The only trouble is, since the yarn is self striping, my 'gloves' are different colors...wooops. OH well I plan for them to be my car hand warmers for my cold early morning drives home. I don't necessarily like to have my fingers covered, even though they are the coldest part of me, it makes me feel confined so I made them easy. If you'd like to make a pair, just cast on 36 stitches (they are a little loose so you could do 32 as well, they stretch). Then work in knit 2 purl 2 ribbing throughout the whole piece until you reach your desired length. Then leave a long tail and stitch up the sides, leaving a hold where you want your thumb to go. Super easy, made both in less than 2 hours. The girl I babysit hinted heavily that she would like a pair for skiing so I have another pair almost done for her.

Again with the sideways pictures :( grrrr. oh well. I made this several weeks ago. I got a free baby pumpkin from Hovander and spray painted it with chalkboard paint. Then I used a chalk marker to countdown the days until halloween! I love Halloween!!

This isn't crafting at all but when I do have a few minutes, I've been enjoying some books. I don't really read during the summer (THAT much) so I'm reading when I can now. I've read the Host once or twice before and it's one of my favorites so slowly but surely I plan on reading this through the winter, library books take precedence since they need to be returned. The Power of Six is the sequel to I am Number Four (which was made into a movie). They are written for teens but I've been sucked in once again (Twilight, Hunger Games etc). I just finished this 2nd book last night, I think it's overdue...SORRY library. The last book is called, the Happiness Project. I just got it as a gift at my work's staff meeting Monday. Since I have an overdue book I've only read the first few pages but I reallllly like it so far. I'll have to finish it up and let people borrow it because even the first few pages made me open my eyes.

This last Monday for FHE the Pratt family and the Peck family met at the church again to update our Ward's Missionary board. We had 6 missionaries out at the beginning of the year, then 5 and we had clocks for all of them because they were all in different time zones. We also had each of their pictures and addresses with a string showing where they are serving. Now, there are only 2 missionaries out, Sister Pratt and Elder Peck. So we decided to update it again. We each printed several pictures from while they've been in the mission field and stuck the up there. We also got red push pins and started marking where ALL the missionaries from our ward have gone since 1980. It's pretty fun to see where members of our ward have served. We also bought blue pins to represent the members of our ward who have served missions but weren't always in F2 and started sticking those up there. It will always be a work in progress but it's fun to do.
Lastly, this is my project for today. We are making pillowcases for YW activity tonight. I'm not the best seamstress. I like to sew, I don't like patterns or instructions (it's that darn ADHD again) so we'll see how it goes. I've enlisted the help of several sewers in our ward to come help! It should be fun.
Now I just gotta see if I can make a sample between now and then.

Even though this month has been crazzzy busy I still find time to do some things that I want. I've been spending lots of time on the computer photo shopping which used to be a really fun thing for me, now it's feeling like a chore, but once I get the 12 photo shoots I have scheduled done and take a break, I will learn to enjoy it again.



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