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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Time To Prepare

2 times every year my church has what we call, General Conference. It's where the leaders of our church spend the weekend giving talks and teaching us. It happens every April and October. 

It just happened 2 weeks ago now. This was one of my favorite talks. I still have some that I need to read/watch though :). This guy talks about how we need to prepare now, and not waste time. I'm an excellent time waster...I can prove it to you...right now...I'm blogging when I SHOULD be doing the dishes and finishing up my lesson for tomorrow. So I think I need this lesson/talk more than the young women I'll be teaching it to tomorrow :). 

I printed out the talk and started highlighting all my favorite parts and pretty much the WHOLE talk was highlighted blue when I was done so.
This is the handout I made for all the YW.

Now I really gotta go do those things...after my small dance party :D Although NOW is really THE time to prepare...


Kristin said...

Those handouts are adorable!


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