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Thursday, October 6, 2011

are you {Totally Rad}?

Is there something that you love to do but get frustrated because it's so tedious and repetitive? Maybe you wish there was a way to cut the time it takes you to do that thing in half. Maybe if you could cut the time in half, you'd be able to do MORE of that thing, or you'd just have more time for whatever else you're little heart fancies.

I've been mysterious enough I'm here to tell you the secret of how to cut the time it takes you to make boxed macaroni in HALF...kiddddding. You probably just got really excited sorry for deceiving you. What I'm really here to share is much cooler than cooking a box of macaroni.

It's a program that has literally cut my photo editing time in HALF. Let me take you on a journey.

Maybe about 4 years ago I made my first big purchase (besides my cameras). I bought photo shop. HOLLLA I was so excited and started editing my photos right away. The only problem was it was so tedious, if I took 100 photos in a session (that's a lie I take way more) I would chose let's say 20 to edit. Well I would have to do the same process on almost each photo before getting it to a happy place. After a month or so I decided that photo shop wasn't my best friend anymore, until! I ran across this fancy website for photographers. I don't think I even thought about what I was doing, I just bought their Totally Rad Action sets...both of them. My heart hurt a little at the price but let me tell you what, they were worth every darrrrn penny. I saw an instant improvement and was able to cut my editing time in half. They had wrapped up all the tedious-ness in the little details into one, easy-to-use button. Perfect.

Fast forward a year or two later. I got an email telling me all about a new Totally Rad product, Dirty Pictures. At first I wasn't sure I wanted to click it because, I'm a good LDS girl and the name made me nervous. But upon further reading and seeing pictures I realized it was a way rad photo shop plug-in to put texture on my photos. Once again, I clicked the little Buy It button. Gulp. Once again, totally worth it. I had just started getting into textures and it was taking me awhile to put them on my photos but now, I could do it with just a few clicks. DONE.

Now we come to present day. Just a month or two ago I was checking out the Totally Rad Facebook page and they were giving away something called Rad Lab. Of course I needed to know what this was, so I was back on the fancy website watching the video on this new product. Can you guess what I did next?

Well let's not talk about it, I'm an impulse buyer.

BUT once again I was thoroughly impressed. After working with it for about 34 seconds I realized it's potential. I could open up my photos with this plug-in and in just a few clicks make my own action recipes and run it on 20 photos in 5 minutes. Umm helllllo!! Before TR I typically spent 4+ hours in front of the computer for just one photo session. Now (depending on number of photos) I can have a whole session done in 45 minutes or less. DOH. It's a no-brainier. once again worth every penny. I sound like I'm sucking up but there's just not much bad I can say about these products. The time I've saved by using them is growing exponentially and I'm able to book more sessions and get them out the door much quicker. That's worth it.

Now I can have afternoon tea (I don't, but the point is I COULD), I can spend more time putting my rubber band ball together, I can finally shave my whole leg, not just the front, but mostly I spend time NOT looking at the computer screen for hours on end. My eyes thank you Totally Rad.

Some quick examples and a screen shot! Try to contain your excitement and keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. (Sorry Disneyworld still on the brain)
This is what the screen looks like when you open Rad Lab. Instant reward, no more wondering what something will look like and spending 20 minutes figuring out just the right look. After you pick a look you like, you have the option to save the "recipe" for future use. That way next time you want to get the same look it just takes .4 seconds and one click.

Now here are some before and afters:
Edit took aprox. 34 seconds.
again took less time to edit than it probably takes you to clip 5 fingernails.
just a few extra photos. I have time to post them all because of all the time I save with all my Totally Rad products.

If you're a photographer, or if you think you're a photographer, or if you've seen a camera, or if you have heard of a camera, I recommend these products to YOU. Rad Lab has streamlined my whole work process and my social life thanks you. (Who am I kidding? I still practice hermit-like tendencies) The point is, I could be social if I wanted to now.

RIP Steve Jobs. Thanks for inventing my computer and my iPad and my iPod. You were a genius.



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