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Monday, May 3, 2010

THE hat

remember that one time where i posted about the hat i started making...this post. well last monday my grandpa was admitted to the ICU so while we waited for his 9+ hr. surgery i finished this hat. it was nice to have something to distract my wandering mind. anyways here is the finished hat:

it's grey, it's slouchy, it's cable-y, it's amazing. i love it. it's just so comfy and i am NOT a hat person, at all. i made myself about 4 hats last year and have never worn any of them but i've already worn this one several times.

here's a terrible back view of the hat. it really doesn't show it very well. i've started one in a bright berry color. grey is great but kinda boring. so i'll see if i ever really finish the 2nd one. this one took like 4 days and was a little hard so i might just only have one.

this is a wanna be picture of the hat.

also remember this post?
i accidentally bought some, skinny jeans that is. i feel a little goofy in them and i still need to get comfortable in smaller clothes but i took the tags off today. officially wearing half the size of jeans i used to. and remember this post? add 8 pounds to that. i guess only loosing 8 pounds every month will have to do for now.


Kristin said...

i love that hat, amanda! so cute.

and congrats on your skinny jeans achievement!

Tracy said...

Love the hat, love the shoes, love the jeans! :)

Agustina said...

How nice hat!


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