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Monday, May 24, 2010


well i started another blog, one that is private to everyone but me. i'm trying to be real good about keeping a journal but writing cramps my hand REAL bad. pretty sure i have early onset arthritis. way to go double jointed joe. anyways. i really don't know what the point of this post is...i just don't know what to blog about anymore. i'm so weird and random. i neeeeeeeed ideas. i love how this was supposed to be more of a crafty blog but now it's amanda's mishmash of weirdness blog.

update: deleted said blog. its harder to type than to write i guess ;)

on another note. i need to stop eating!!!!! i got this recipe for some delicious monster cookies made with almond meal and stuff i can actually eat. the problem is, they are the perfect pop into your mouth size and i want to eat 10 of them. old habits die hard i suppose. my goal is to be size 6 by my birthday so i gotta get back to jogging and maybe sign up to thrive and stop eating those dang cookies.

speaking of my birthday that is only a month and a half away, oh gosh that means girls camp is only a month and a half away and guess who's in charge)?! this will be my 2nd birthday during camp... anyways i will be 23!!!!! i feel like i might as well be 68 phew. while we are on the subject, i wouldn't mind this little camera bag with this little cover. just saying.

since i want a camera bag for my birthday i suppose i should post my spiffy new pricing sheet i made up. i really have no idea what to charge people for my photography so i haven't really been doing a whole lot with it but hopefully my prices are fair and people feel they are getting a good product for their money.

oh it was the LOST season finale last night, BTW stillllll confused. i feel like it is a smart show and i guess i'm not smart enough for it. i watched it for 6 years and i'm not quite sure what happened in the finale still. all i know is i went to bed way too late and had to be up by 7:30 this morning. yuck.

we got our new couch on saturday after ordering it in JANUARY. it is a beast. seriously it's so big but it's the most comfortable couch i've ever sat on. it's all about the recliners baby.

well i like how i said i have nothing to talk about then ramble on for 8 paragraphs about NOTHING. so i'll be done now, my stomach hurts and i want to (read: still won't) go to bed.

do i even make sense when i type? i'm beginning to doubt it.

i will feel really bad if people actually read this and wasted their time. sorry i can't give you the last 5 minutes of your life back.



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