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Friday, May 14, 2010

Cupcake CRAZY

let's get one thing straight, i cannot eat cupcakes. i guess technically i CAN i just choose not to, weird i know. however, i CAN decorate cupcakes still. i have always enjoyed decorating cupcakes but i haven't ever decorated them like this before: (p.s. sorry for the terrible pictures, they are all from my phone :\)

these spaghetti and meatball cupcakes were for april fools day. it's really just frosting and ferreo rocher dipped in raspberry jelly. pretty fun.

these little guys were for my neighbor's 11th birthday party. they have a marshmallow pillow and body, nilla wafer head, rolled out star burst blanket, teddy graham teddy's, flower sprinkle mouths and frosting hair/eyes

and a close up.

my neighbor also had a swimming party, enter twinky sharks, donut life preservers, pretzel and gumdrop buoys and sweedish fish swimming on marshmallows

i just want ONE bite, pleaaaase?!

these ones are pretty boring compared to the other ones but oh well. i made about 75 big and small cupcakes for my mom's RS mothers day treat. some had a little chocolate heart that didn't really turn out too well.

i think there was 3 types of cake and 4 types of frosting going on here. the kitchen was a disaster.

and these little guys we made last night. they are monsters and boy are they fun. they each have half a marshmallow then they are covered in frosting. the eyes are dum dum suckers with a black M&M "glued" on there wrapped with a peach ring. and the nose is a small hard candy.

i really wanted to eat one of these guys....sad.
anyways now i'm looking at different elmo cupcake ideas ;) i love cupcakes.
p.s. do you know how hard it is to NOT lick your frosting covered finger? hard i tell you. it's almost an unconscious decision, one that's made before you realize what's happening. however, i refrained every time.
p.p.s. who knew that marshmallow was spelled with an A? i didn't. thank goodness for spellcheck!



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