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Monday, February 1, 2010

Operation: Skinny Jeans

i thought i'd write a little bit about my "wellness challenge" (aka diet) we call it the WC b/c it makes it a little easier..? maybe not. probably not. defiantly not. anyways these are NOT the type of jeans i'm talking about:

i'm not much for the emo-esque vibe i get from skinny jeans but, skinnier jeans is what i'm after. i started the Prism diet the week of Halloween. perfect. awesome time to start a diet. halloween, thanksgiving and christmas all within 2 months, please wait until january to start this madness. it will make your life easier. looking back though i'm so glad i started when i did. i ws loosing weight while everyone else was gaining it (hypothetically). i figure if i could skip eating all the junk at those three major holidays i could do it on a day to day basis. (basics of prism: 1st 6 weeks, no white or wheat flour, no sugar, no potatoes 1000 cals a day. next 6 weeks: add in 3 portions of potatoes a week, 2 slices of whole wheat bread a day and 3 sugar free desserts a week. next 6 weeks: add in whole wheat pasta still staying within the 1000 cal range)

i'm happy to say, i didn't cheat once...until christmas eve when i had a piece of bread the pratt's brought over. i thought one little piece of it wouldn't hurt. welllll i was up a large portion of the night feeling like i had a stone lodged in my intestine (sorry if that's a poor image) it was terrible i promised i wouldn't cheat again if it was going to make me feel like that. the next day we had family over for ham and company potatoes, i did eat a lot and the potatoes i ate had stuff i probably shouldn't have had so i made friends with the big box of alkaseltzer. so i've made my final decision: it's not worth it! if something that i was eating every day can cause me to feel like that, it's probably not the best thing to eat. someone told me one time that they used white flour to make glue when she was younger i've decided even though i want a flaky melt in my mouth croissant, i DON'T want it sticking to my insides.

since the end of october i've lost about 35 lbs. i haven't checked in about two weeks so hopefully i'm still on the right track. i really wasn't able to tell, still can't really but i'm down a size in jeans and a size in shirts(or more). none of my old pants fit right anymore they hang off and i walk around like erkel all day when i wear them. anyways this was more of an update for me to keep me motivated. i have a ways to go still but i'm glad i'm finally acting on something i've talked about for a few years. if i can do it, YOU can do it. trust me. i loved me some bread and sweets believe me! no more though. it's a happy and sad thing but more happy.
Operation Skinny (but not in the ankle skinny) Jeans can continue.


The Wilson Pratt Wilson Family said...

You should try the ones that are skinny in the ankle too...not ALL of them are emo (at least I don't think so?) haha. And 35 pounds, Amanda? WOW. That's all I can say. You look REALLY good! You are losing 35 pounds while I am gaining 35 pounds! If I have trouble losing this baby weight, I would honestly consider this diet or "WC" (water closet?), but I don't know if I have the self discipline! I'm so proud of you!

Tracy said...

I'm proud of you girl! Hugs! (Yes, I know you don't hug, get over it)!


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