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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I need AA

but instead of AA i guess it would be OSA, online shopping anonymous. or just shopping anonymous would work too. i used to not be this way, it wasn't until a certain someone, who will remain nameless..., moved back home and we started going to Old Navy 6.4 times a week. awesome. not. help me rhonda. please.

it doesn't really matter what i shop for, clothes, kitchen gadgets, scrapbooking stuff, yarn for various knitting/crochet projects that never come to fruition, more clothes, purses, just random stuff i DO NOT need.

I have the itch right this minute to go here or here or here or here or even here. shooooot i had to go to all those sites to get the links. bummmer. can someone please talk me off this ledge? yikes i should be saving money, not spending it. ok i just have to get a skirt or two and maybe a few summer tops and one more essential cardigan from Target , just ONE more. then i'll put a stop to it. i'm going in on friday to invest some monies... oh ya and i just need to buy this real quick too. then THAT'S IT! it's not my fault clothes don't fit me anymore. actually it is but it's a good thing right? yikes. are there any support groups out there?! anyone? sign me up!


Michelle said...

Amanda, I am VERY disappointed in you! You are supposed to be saving your money for operationlivetogether! And I can't believe you would blame your spending habits on someone... who will continue to remain nameless!!! haha no but seriously, wrap a blanket around you as a skirt. It will always fit! Also, President Hinckley said this "either fix it, repair it or go without it" I think you need to start living by that quote!


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