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Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Name is Amanda and I am a Geek....

I have blog layout ADD, it seems like I change my layout every 12 minutes. haha. oh well. anyways...this week will be a crazzzzy one for sure. there are several things going on everyday so hopefully it will be a good week. it will be. i decided.

let's get onto it then shall we?

i have made a list (albeit somewhat juvinelle) of the things i am looking forward to in the coming months. don't judge.

first is the 3rd and final "Hunger Games" book is being released August 24th! I already have it preordered...preorder guarentee from amazon, can't beat it. if you haven't read them i suggest you start now.

also coming out August 24th, would be the complete series of LOST on bluray. i give you permission to be jealous. we ordered it for my dad for his birthday yesterday. ty's a little disappointed he won't have enough time to watch it before leaving sept. 8th. i tried convincing him he could watch it straight through but he declined. probably a good idea. don't need to be doing that 2 weeks before your mission.

next on my list is the 1st part of the 7th Harry Potter movie is going to be released November 19th! i loved the deathly hallows so i am suuuuper geeked out to see this. the 2nd part of the movie won't be released until next June or July, can't remember.

and last but not least, you knew it was coming, it was inevitable:

Twilight Saga: Eclipse comes out June 30th. I haven't bought tickets yet or anything and overall i'm pretty disappointed in the movies but i still have to see them. i'm team jacob in case you were wondering, well for the movies at least. team edward for the books. wow i really am 22 and i really did just say what "team" i was on. awkward.....

well that's it for now. gotta be up early for work tomorrow.

p.s. i've been thinking i might make this blog private? i ask it as a question b/c i'm not sure if i will, i probably won't end up doing it but it's been in the back of my mind just in case you were wondering. we'll see what happpppens.



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