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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Santaigo Chile North

That is where my brother is going to be spending 2 years of his life starting in September. He's going on a mission for our church. the mail lady came today and honked the horn. when we got the mail i asked if there was a large white envelope and my mom said no, then she looked again and there were 2...not sure how she missed that. well one was my edward jones investment stuff and the other was his mission call. i'm not quite sure how she lasted 2.5 hours without opening it but she did and we went to the nursing home where my grandpa is staying and opened it with the grandparents, our family, joelle, steve, stephanie and haley pratt. he lied and said billings, montana and i believed him then someone said liar and he read the real thing. anyways, it's pretty exciting that he will be there. added bonus: guess who gets to go pick him up when he's done?! heck yes! also not to brag, but next summer i'm going to russia so i'll pretty much be a world traveler by the time chile comes around ;).

out of allllll the countries i guessed, i didn't even get close. my dad guessed south america so he was closest. i guessed Eurasia (it's a real thing!) i didn't guess euthanasia...whatever. i guessed pretty much everywhere BUT south america. we've been looking at an atlas for the last couple hours. i think i'll see if the library has some books too. i looked on wikipedia and it's pretty interesting. it gave some statistics and it said .9% of the population is LDS compared to 68.7% Catholic so he'll have his work cut out for him. he's also going to be closer to antartica than here. weiiiiiird. since he's going to be on the opposite side of the equator the water will flush the other way and his summer will be our winter and vise versa. besides, unless he's in the mountains, it shouldn't drop below 62ish in the winter.

BTW, this is the world's largest swimming pool and where is it located...why chile of course. AWESOME! toooo bad he can't swim while he's there.



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