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Friday, May 7, 2010

Costco Etiquette

As promised in last weeks, Errant Thoughts from an ICU Waiting Room post here is my list of Costco Do's and Don'ts, heavy on the don'ts. Feel free to add any other tips or tricks =).

Parking Lot:

-Do not walk across the street diagonally. Stay on one side of the street until you are parallel with the row your car is in THEN cross the street.

-Look before crossing not mid-cross

-Those cart returns are there for a reason, use them.

-DO NOT take up more than one spot with your crocked parking. Especially between the hours of 9:30am and 6:30pm

-Don't walk down the middle of the car aisles, scoot to the side so cars can get by

-Try to coordinate walking across with a big group so we don't have to keep stopping for stragglers 24 times in a 10 foot space.

-Hint: drive around the back of costco, no traffic or pedestrians!

-If you stop for a spot with your blinker on, the person leaving will probably take their time. Make sure you are pulled enough to the side to allow other cars to go around you.

-Just accept that 88% of the cars will be Canadian

-SLOW down....or SPEED up! sometimes people go WAY too fast other times people go WAY too slow.

Inside Costco:

-If i'm taking time to get my card out, acknowledge it, stop talking to the girl on the other side of the fence

-Do not abruptly stop in the middle of an aisle, unless you want my cart to run into your ankles

-Samples are great and I understand they make a great lunch, but please get out of the way

-During the summer, the costco produce fridge is a great place to hang out

-Might as well fill up your cart, you'll be waiting in line just as long for 2 items as you will for 36 items

While we're here, let's venture to the Gas Station:

-Don't cut!!

-Filling up 28 extra containers of gas is a sure fire way to explode on your way home.

-Get there early to avoid the lines. I've never waited longer than 5 minutes for gas, ever. I usually go around 9:30am, perfect.

-If you notice the first car is done filling up and the car behind them is almost done, wait for both to leave and just pull up to the front. makes life much easier.

-again, 95% of the cars will be Canadian.

-You HAVE to have a Costco card to get Costco gas. Imagine that. No, your Mastercard is not the same thing as a Costco card.

-Swipe fast, none of this slow swiping business

-Remove nozzle THEN select type of gas

-Do you really need a receipt?

-Don't top off, if you do top off, no need to do it 6 times.

-If you don't know how to pump gas, move to Oregon.

-The attendant is not there to be your personal assistant, it's rude to give them all your trash and expect them to throw it away for you

-When you are at the pump and you see 100 people in line behind you, try to hurry up. None of this lolly gagging business.

Well that's all folks. What should be our subject next week?! haha



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